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We offer conscientious service to customers who use the Roku player on a routine basis. We have a team well-qualified and experienced professionals who deal with a variety of issues that befall Roku player. Our Roku player services include:

Roku Account Setup: We provide all the assistance for setting up and configuring Roku player. We help you with the process of Roku setup, which is something that customers often find issues doing.

Support for streaming stick: We offer services for streaming stick, which is like a pen drive. We help install streaming stick easily with your Wi-Fi setup.

Channel support: We offer assistance for setting up and customizing the channels of your choice in Roku player. Our tech support offers the best Roku support.

Roku Streaming Setup and Troubleshooting

  • We offer assistance 24×7*365 days for Roku installation and troubleshooting streaming devices.
  • Wireless Setup: We help integrate your wireless router with Roku device.
  • Netflix Roku Support: We help integrate Netflix with Roku.
  • Channel Customization: We help you set up and customize channels in Roku.
  • M-Go Account Setup: We also help you configure M-Go Account.

Our Approach

We promise to deliver the best services when it comes to the Roku player. We have been doing this business for past many years, therefore we are well-aware of all the aspects of Roku player, so you can contact our Roku customer support service number. Unlike other service providers, we are prompt, efficient and reliable. The problems with Roku player are not usually complicated, but still, issues are issues, and they need to be sorted out.

We receive calls from a countless number of customers regarding Roku player issues. We endeavour to become the leading Roku online help and support company in the world and we are continuously working in this direction. With a team of highly professional employees, we are extremely close to attaining this achievement. The Roku player is a popular device that is used to watch videos, movies and TV shows. Many customers are not aware about how to connect Roku TV because they had never done it before, so Roku Tech support experts explain the process in the layman language and help them connect Roku players on TV.

Cost-Effective Services, Promised!

We dedicate our success to our customers. We are capable of delivering the gadget and its solutions to our customers and keep their respective residential and business customers connected with efficient and satisfied results. We are extremely serious about paying attention to the details while offering our services in order to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions that contribute to our success. We believe in total transparency at work, so in order to avail our services contact Roku Support phone number, which is 1-806-516-0102, which is a toll free number. Give us a call now!

Call Roku Support Number for Activation

Roku launches top streaming device models with outstanding features. Activate and execute the Activation setup to stream and watch the top program collections. Create a Roku account and use the activation code to link the streaming device. Prepare your device, execute the guided setup and connect your device to the network for channel activation. Suggest the users to identify the type of device errors and troubleshoot it using the available troubleshooting guide. Roku customers can get the assistance for Roku activation and support by ringing the Roku support number to +1-806-516-0102.It is our vision to offer the best support to all our customers and you can Call Roku Support Number for Activation.

What support do we offer to our customers?

Activation & Guidance
Activate your Roku streaming device. Guidance to create a new account for your device can be availed at support. Check if your account is valid or active.

Channels List
Provide the list of latest channels to stream your favorite programs. Help our customers to activate and add their favorite channels to Roku account (Both free and paid channels)

Latest Models
We offer free service if your device is under warranty period. Give you an update on the latest models of Roku streaming devices available in the market.

roku customer serviceRoku Activation Support

The activation process is simple if you look into it. Connect your streaming device to the Roku TV using the HDMI cable and use the power cable to power up the device. Turn on and wait until the Roku logo appears. Complete the Roku guided setup and establish a good speed network connection. Choose the option “wireless” and go forward with the setup guide. Download the compatible software and go forward with the onscreen guide. Refer the troubleshooting guide to resolve the errors. Execute the Roku activation; Get the guidance using Roku support number.

Roku Setup & Troubleshooting | Roku Support

Activation errors are common if you activate and setup any Roku streaming device. Troubleshoot the errors if you come across any. Most of the errors will resolve if you restart your device once. Network errors will not arise if you use valid credentials (username and password). Make sure that you connect all the cables in the respective slot. Always use the valid code for Roku activation. Complete the Activation and start streaming.

If you have any queries or if you require more guidance and support, go to our website and ring the Roku support number to +1-806-516-0102.

Overcome Device Activation Errors On Your Roku

Device activation errors are common on any Roku player be it a TV, Stick or media player such as Ultra or Express. Therefore, when your streaming experience gets halted because of such issues, you can take Roku support from experts. One major criterion that plays a vital role during the activation and Roku setup is your internet connection. This happens with both the wired and wireless connections and each has its own share of pros and cons. Our website has experts who have put together some tips and techniques using which you can overcome such issues.

Techniques Glitches or Issues in your Wireless Connection

Failed software updates, poor buffering speeds and reduced video and audio quality are some of the after effects of a poor wireless connection. 003 is the error code that is associated with this issue and it also referred to as the software update failure error code. There are several attributing reasons for this issue and some of which are as follows;

  • Your home’s network or the Wi Fi router has an issue
  • The Roku server does not accept your device’s request
  • Universal issue with the client server and it is unable to handle issues

The device condition and the network condition details are mandatory to learn before proceeding to rectify the issue. You can probably connect to the universal server after a short period of time; you can maybe check with the server once before beginning the activation process.

Quality depends on the following factors

Signal strength issues

  • To handle multiple connections at a single point in time you need a robust network switch or router
  • The output quality of the router also depends on the number of devices connected
  • Connect only your Roku when performing activation and disconnect all other devices
  • Keep it closer to your device during Roku setup

Setup tips

  • Router password must be secure
  • Verify the password before setup
  • This is applicable for both wired and wireless connections
  • Ensure you choose the correct network
  • Restart the router and the Roku once when there is a persistent problem with the connection
  • On your streaming player, you can also perform a manual SYSTEM UPDATE by accessing the SETTINGS menu
  • perform other functions once you reconnect to the network which can include device activation, software updates or channel activation
  • you must contact your ISP to resolve the issue in case the issue lies with your internet provider
  • check the compatibility between your Router and the Roku as some devices may have issues connecting to a wireless network

Some of the older Roku devices are known to have connectivity issues with respect to their newer counterparts. In case of such devices, you can obtain Roku support on our website; our experts will suggest alternatives to improve the streaming experience as well as reduce device activation errors. Our support does not end with Roku setup but also extends to other issues with the device, channel or network.

Roku Activation Code Errorsroku support

The Roku activation process involves a few steps and there are possibilities that you may get stuck at one of these steps. However, Roku has a method of communicating to its users as to where an error actually occurred. This communication happens through what is commonly known as error codes.  Each error code has a specific meaning and therefore it is easy to troubleshoot them accordingly. In our article, we will explain about common error codes that can occur during the activation process. To know more about Roku activation code errors you can also call our Roku tech support experts at website’s toll-free number +1-806-516-0102.

Error Code 001

This one denotes an issue pertaining to the activation process with your streaming device from Roku. Sometimes the device will not activate even when you enter the correct code. In such circumstances, you have to troubleshoot the issue first. The error code is also referred to as activation error code 001 by a few others. The following are the remedies that you can follow in order to overcome the activation error code.

The Corresponding Fix

You can follow a few precautions that can prevent the recurrence of such activation issues which involves the activation link code.

  • Note down the Roku link code carefully
  • It is case sensitive
  • Validity of the code is only a few minutes
  • Ensure availability of an uninterrupted internet connection
  • You can always generate a new code
  • When noting down a code, also note down the time when it was generated
  • Check the network connections
  • Verify LAN connections for wired set up
  • Check Wi-Fi settings for wireless set up
  • Access the router for the same
  • Contact ISP for resolving issues
  • Check with Roku for server issues

Server Side Issue

When you know that it is a server side issue you can follow the below given steps to rectify it.

  • Make use of the DNS server
  • Obtain the website’s IP address
  • Open an IP socket
  • Use a HTTP data stream for communication
  • Reconnect to the server using the same IP

Error Code 003

This denotes a software update failure which can sometimes lead to an activation code area. As your Roku will automatically display the error code you do not have to go looking for the actual root cause.  Just troubleshoot the error code to find a solution for your activation issue.

  • Check your network Router’s connections
  • Ethernet in case of wired and Wi Fi in case of wireless
  • In case of a DSL connection, check the modem
  • Check for service provider outage or Roku outage
  • With lesser interactions perform the update during night

Error Code 005

Server issues are commonly denoted by this error code which can be taken care of by following the below-given fix. But before that, we will have a look at the possible causes first;

  • It can be a server issue
  • Sometimes a network issue
  • Connection error
  • Router issue

To fix this error code, you can carefully analyze each of these causes or call our Roku tech support number for best assistance.

Error Code 009

This occurs commonly among Roku devices when it is unable to establish an internet connection. In which case, you can check out the following steps as a remedy.

  • Restart the Roku device
  • Re-establish a connection with your network
  • Perform a system update
  • Contact your ISP for network interruptions

If you are able to connect other devices to the same network, then it is Roku based issue for which you can seek our help.

Roku.ComSupport | Call Roku customer service phone number 1-806-516-0102 link activateHow to activate your Roku on link?

The basic setup of roku is quite simple though there are some chances for error. With expert advice and support, the setup can be done in a matter of minutes. Just follow these steps and their will be no problem.

  1. Plug your roku into the television and all the cable correctly.
  2. Once the ‘lets get started’ screen is up, press the ok button on your remote.
  3. Select your language, if the remote does not work, don’t worry, you need to pair your remote.
  4. To Pair the Roku Remote, remove the cover for the battery compartment and and press the pairing button for 10 seconds.
  5. Once paired select your language on the screen and press ok.
  6. Select your wifi network and connect your Roku to the wifi. Unable to connect to wifi?
  7. The roku will check for firmware update and then provide you an alpha numeric code to link your device to your Roku Account at Roku Com Link. The code expires after a certain amount of time.
  8. Go to on your laptop, computer or cellphone and enter that code.
  9. Follow the prompts and in 3 easy steps your roku will be activated.

Problems you might face when you try to Activate Roku

Following problems might occur when you try toactivate roku:

  • The roku gives an error such as Error codes like 009, 012, 013, 14, 14.20, 14.30, 14.40, 14.41, and 14.50, 016, 017, 018 when you try to connect to the wifi.
  • The code given on the tv screen expires.
  • After successfull activation the Roku gets stuck on adding channels.

Unable to connect to wifi?

While Connecting the Roku to the wifi, there are chances for error. Roku has various error codes that help you identify the cause of the problem.

Error codes like 001, 003, 011, 009, 012, 013, 014, 14.20, 14.30, 14.40, 14.41, and 14.50, 016, 017, 018 are most common and pop up on your screen in case if there are any issues with the Internet connection.

Here are some quick and easy steps to resolve your internet connection issue.

  • Connect your Roku device to the Internet in the same way as you connect your mobile device or Laptop.
  • Choose the correct wireless network name and the password, try entering it carefully as the wireless network Passwords are always case sensitive.
  • You can check the wireless network settings on your Roku device. Go to Settings > Network > Check the connection. The settings can check your home network connection and also the wireless signal strength.
  • Check your Router and ensure that it is working properly. Connect any external devices to your network and start checking the network connection.
  • Restart the Roku device and the Router to quickly resolve the issue. Here is how you can perform a quick restart.

Roku.Com/Link Error Codes

  • Error code 009 indicates that Roku device is connected to the router and the network connection is not active.
  • In case if the error code 012 comes up, ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected properly to your Roku device and the Router. If the cable is in good condition try restarting the Roku device and the router.
  • Error code 013 indicates that the router is slow or overworked. Just unplug the router and wait for
  • When your wireless signal strength is poor, your device will start receiving an error code 017 on the screen. Place the Roku device and the router close to each other so that the wireless signal strength can be improved
  • Go to the settings on your Roku device, choose the option set up connection and start following the onscreen instruction and the error will be resolved automatically.
  • Try improving the Internet signal bandwidth for resolving the error codes like 018. Start upgrading to a faster Internet connection and check if the issue still persists.

What to do if your Roku Remote is not working?

Roku remote issues may vary depending on which roku you have and the type of remote you are using with your roku. The two common type of remotes that can be used with the roku are the standard infrared remote and the enhanced point anywhere remote. Different type of remotes are suitable for different models.

Roku OS8 is here

There has been quite some hype regarding the Roku OS 8. Amid a lot of Speculation, Roku is finally out with its OS 8. Well its a lot of improvement on the previous system. The biggest improvement was seen by ROKU TVs as they get improvements for interconnectivity between antenna and internet streaming.

Roku Error 014

It is safe to say that most Roku customers here have encountered the dreaded error 014 when trying to connect their roku o the wifi. Ever wonder what it really is? Why the error is coming up? What is it that you are doing wrong?   We’ll give you a complete overview of Roku Error .

Older rokus now obsolete

Anyone having an older roku wondering why its suddenly turned into a pig? Yes thats right. As technology advances and competition increases Roku is upgrading the hardware and the software that goes into its devices. What that means is that with every new model they are beefing up the hardware and the software.

Roku Phone Numberroku setup

Roku is one of the best or leading streaming player in the US and it appears as a USB stick that help users to stream high definition contents such as watching videos, listening to music and many others. Its headquarters is located in Los Gatos, California, and technology or features of the Roku device is improving regularly. But sometimes many Roku customers face various type of issue when they are trying to use Rou device such problem in activating Roku device, unable to get Roku activation link, a problem in enter Roku activation link, unable to get new Roku activation link and many other. If you encounter any kind of Roku issues and want to get an instant solution. Then immediately dial the third-party Roku helpline number, our Roku support team is here 24*7 available for your help so don’t waste your valuable time in searching here and there immediately dial our Roku support number to get help.

Some common Roku issues that you can face

If you use a Roku device for streaming contents over the internet. There is a list of some common issue that you can face while using a Roku device or utilizing their services.

  • Non-stop reloading of channels
  • Problems related to Roku channels
  • Roku channels setup problem
  • An issue with Roku link code
  • Roku devices with connection network Issue
  • Roku code cannot display on the screen
  • Device problem
  • Bugs/Errors in an activation process
  • Code unable to find
  • Invalid code message display
  • Remote Issue
  • Stuck On Buffering
  • Roku Activation error
  • roku activation code not working
  • Configuration issue
  • Installation issue
  • Roku account login issue
  • An issue with Roku device connectivity
  • Roku streaming device configurations or setup issue
  • Forget Roku account password
  • The problem in enter Roku activation code
  • An issue in getting Roku activation code
  • A problem in getting Roku activation code for Netflix
  • not working
  • roku account payment issue
  • Don’t know how to find Roku activation code
  • A problem in playing Games in Roku
  • Wireless connectivity issue
  • An issue in creating Roku account

If you are unable to get a solution of above-mentioned issues or any other, then directly contact our Roku support team to get instant help.

Advantages or features of dialing our Roku phone number

There are various features of our Roku customer service that can force you to choose our Roku customer support

  • Our expert immediate update your TV channel problem
  • 24*7 available for your help
  • immediately Respond to client messages or call
  • Monitor Online and Offline
  • See all recent reason for calling
  • Provides Full Support for Private TV channels
  • Full Internet TV channels support
  • Help users in playing 720P, 1024p HD Video
  • Help users in update software
  • Have the ability to solve any type of problem-related to Roku
  • Fix download & install problems.
  • Help users in upgrade & activate Roku TV channel.

24/7 Tech Support with Roku Customer Service Phone Number

The Roku is known as the best streaming Player. It is built by Roku Inc, an American company based in Los Gatos, California. Roku manufactures a series of audio video streaming device which access the live TV programming and other video content streamed over Internet. The device is beautifully shaped as a USB stick which plugs-into your TV and plays high definition content. Roku device actually gets data via wired or Wi-Fi ( Wireless) connection and output the data via an audio, video, or an HDMI cable. Just like other devices have problems connecting to the internet and transferring data, Roku also sometimes cripple you when it does not get activated or can not connect to the internet. In such a situation you will need to call Roku customer service phone number.

You can contact Roku customer support phone number through Email, Chat or Phone line. Be it a problem with account activation, setting up your device for the first time, error connecting the device with TV, playback problems. Wireless network setup and reliability, or any other technical issue with Roku TV, Roku Express+ or any other Roku device series. You can always call the Roku customer service Phone Number +1-806-516-0102;

Roku technical support Phone Number is the best redefined support service for Roku customer – 24/7, that fixes all types of issues related to Roku devices. If you are thinking of watching TV regardless of where you are, then you should consider signing up for Roku customer service phone number. We promise to 100% satisfaction and service delivery with best possible way. Just like this amazing Roku Player that provide you with more than 2000 TV channels and unlimited content delivery we also provide unlimited, anywhere tech support for Roku. We have been helping customers setting up their account, fixing wireless connectivity issue, playback issue with Roku TV and all for a long time.

how to set up rokuWhy Roku Customer Service Number?

We focus on customer satisfaction and instant support service for Roku. We make sure your TV receive the highest possble video quality and a seamless effort from you. However, problems do come as it a technology made by human, it may have some flaws but we are here to help you fixing all types of problems with Roku player, Roku TV, Roku Express, Roku Express+ or any other series of Roku device. Just call our toll free number for a free diagnosis and consultation.

Roku digital media player is another product from Roku, Inc. It is just like a DVD player without disk and connects to your TV seamlessly. It also allows to watch streaming TV services. All of the Roku devices are capable of playing different apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Pbs, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Movies now and many more video streaming apps. With Roku devices you normally don’t need a device like set top box. Simply connect, setup and enjoy.

How does Roku Work?

Roku device connects to the internet through a wired or a wireless connection and download the video content from internet and transfer it to your TV through a Audio and Video composite cable or an HDMI cable. It comes with an operating system and its own programming which allows you to switch the channel, increase or decrease the volume and much more. It also has a remote that allows you to schedule recordings, pause a live show and resume it where you left off.

What’s a Roku account?

You need to have a Roku account to activate your Roku device. And sign into it so that you can access the video and TV content across more than 2000 video streaming channels. There are no monthly charges with Roku devices but you may need to pay when you buy/rent movies on demand service or any other video streaming services like Netflix.

Is there any Mobile App for Roku device?

Yes Roku has provided its customer with both iOS or Android apps that can be downloaded from their respective app store. Simply sign in with you account and Kick back with access to 500,000+ streaming movies and TV episodes. You can even control your Roku TV, search your favorite movie and TV shows using mobile keyboard- all with this Roku app. It has recently added the voice search feature just like Alexa in Amazon fire TV.

Roku Customer Service Phone Number Covers following issue:

We are here to help you with all the Roku devices you may have trouble with. Feel free to contact our 24/7 technical support services provided by Roku customer service phone number we provides you service for all issues including the following:

  1. Playback issue: with Roku straming player such as Video stuck for a long time, Video does not play smoothly, frequently buffering for several minutes, Video is fuzzy or interlaced, Video quality degrade all of a sudden, etc.
  2. Account Related issue: Unable to activate the Roku device, Account login issue, Forgot password, Unable to buy or rent premium content or movies on demand, Link code issue, etc.
  3. Payment and Billing issue: For such tyoes of issue we connect you over to Roku (R)’s billing and customer service team a cntact details of whom can be found below.
  4. Connectivity issue: Issue connecting your Roku device with internet, unable to connect Roku device with your TV, HDMI port issue, HDCP error, unable to watch 4K videos.
  5. Device related issue: Device heat up issue, device making creechy sound, player restarts automatically, menu screen pop ups every now and then on Roku TV, Player takes back to homepage so frequently.
  6. Signal and programming related issue: Time sifting and scheduling related issue with Roku devices, Local chanel not connecting or can’t be found, customization of channel and favourite list.

An introduction to a new media streaming device: Roku

A large number of media streaming devices are available in the market. This can make things complicated that which one is the best fit for you. As time changes, we also need another advance technology for media streaming. In this series, Roku has the line up as a strong contender of second-generation media streaming device as well as it is affordable as compare to any other advance streaming device. This can offer you high definition videos, most affordable with 1080p capability. This device is rich with many amazing features- such as high-quality videos, easily compatible with all size of devices from tiny to large screens and many more.

How to connect Roku devices?

There are plenty of things on which you have to pay focus before connecting the Roku device with your domestic one. The primary thing that is important is a valid email address in order to manage your account and receive all the important notifications. Likewise, you need to select a strong password for your work.
In order to start your Roku devices firstly visit to the link,you should need to sign-up here, in your Roku account with all the necessary credentials.

Enter the link code or activation code on your internet browser. Select Sign Up symbol in order to make a new. It is the extremely straightforward process; you simply need to enter your own details. Then utilizing your login details you can easily sign in to the Account. Enter your first and last names alongside the email address. You have to give a password to secure your record.
What’s more, now you have effectively made your Roku Account. Presently, go to the login page, select choice Log in. Utilizing your submitted, you are into your Roku Account.

Follow the instructions to activate the link of your Roku device –roku help

Complete the guidelines given on-screen of your TV to associate your Roku device to the web. Once your Device associated, your Roku device may download your new software. After the establishment of the most recent software, you will get an Activation Code on your computer system. For example, “AB47T”

Presently, visit the site from the internet browser on your PC or Smartphone. On the site, you will see a space for entering the connection code, enter the code you have gotten and click Submit button which is present on link.

While making new account regarding Roku device, there is a choice gave to you to installment technique. Through this installment choice, you can buy the membership channels which are most well known, for example, Netflix, Hulu, etc. You can purchase films and other online stuff from the Channel Store. Try not to stress, you will be charged simply in the wake of adhering to the means to buy the specific procedure. When you have finished the initiation procedure effectively, at that point your Roku device will be set to use.

How could they help their customers?

Persistence of Roku Service Providers demonstrates an intense test for partners to overcome since this trademark causes technical support to serve every last subscribe in the entire possible manner. The organization additionally considers the input or feedback call as the last advance step in your offered service. On final call, delegate let you examine all positive and negative points to know about their level of satisfaction and services. You may likewise be requested to give the appraisals based on singular experience. This sort of achievement keeps sitting ahead among their contenders. This clarification makes it very clear that true help is currently simple and fast to discover with straightforward efforts.
All you need to do is simply associated with the Roku Customer Service with the help of link, in a hassle-free way is to search the toll-free number on the internet with few mouse clicks and dial with full certainty. This activity can be completed at any time of time. Likewise internet, professionals of this brand with world-class customer service always ready to respond to your every single query.
This feature appeals to the creative ability of busy people even much more as calling it as “dark hour facility”, as they are compromising their precious time. It indicated by the best reasonable time, they can call subsequent to completing the work at the service center. Furthermore, it becomes easier to spare quality time with family and other important works.

Roku Customer Service Number has served a substantial number of people to get an appreciation as well as prestigious awards from the top management. These accomplishments help its spirit to serve in an additionally encouraging manner. Above described helpline is extremely encouraging so there is no need to search for any other sort of alternatives.
Undoubtedly, Roku media streaming stick is the fabulous device to claim as it streams online content with HD quality pictures and distortion – free sound in the relationship with other leading channel partners including Amazon Video Prime, NetFlix, and numerous others. One can also register complains regarding their device, on, for immediate help. This device and their helpline number flawlessly help their every customer. It is necessary for you to know that this technical support works free of cost for your help and counsel.
Roku media streaming device is at your budget and only need a one-time subscription. Their users always find that it is quite easy to resolve their all sort of issues including online performance, picture quality and many more, just with the help of their customer service help. Thanks to media streaming devices such as Roku and many more they provide us a kind of freedom from cable operators. These type of devices are no longer beholden the customer with their cable operators. It is not less than a miracle that how we can cut the cord of your long-term previous experience and say yes to a new type of experience and not looking back to the traditional methods. If you are interested to experience this type of wonderful streaming device.

Information that We Collect

This privacy policy relates to every services or software purchase through any customer from our website.

We accumulate different types of information for different type of Services, including:-

* Information you supply directly to us for example your name or contact number.

* Information we obtain about your use of services or software.

* Information we gather from intermediary sources.

* Sharing and Use of Information.

* We do not supply your data to any service supplier or any third parties.

* We can share your given data with our business associates.

Common issues for which we provide Roku Activation link Support:

  • Roku is unable to connect with WiFi.
  • Roku HDX low or no connectivity with internet.
  • Roku device keeps rebooting itself
  • Roku browser screen is blank
  • Netflix issues
  • Roku youtube app isn’t working
  • Unable to subscribe to Roku Channels.
  • Roku activation issues
  • Unable to sign-in.
  • Unable to register Roku device.
  • Issues related to Roku setup
  • Unable to operate Roku Menu options
  • Roku device is not charging
  • Roku fail to turn on
  • Roku keeps buffering
  • Roku device not connecting with Television
  • Unable to get Roku activation Link
  • Roku fail to receive a converted file
  • Screen frozen
  • Roku keeps disconnecting from Internet/WiFi
  • Roku browser processing is slow.
  • Roku software upgrade not working.
  • Roku not powering up

ROKU Features

  • Provides 1080p HD support
  • Comes with power remote that has shortcut buttons to access like Hulu, HBO GO, Netflix, etc
  • You can access your personal media on TV through Roku and also you can use your smartphone to manage Roku capabilities. You can take Roku help for any query if you have.
  • You can stream Free & paid both types of content on your TV with Roku.
  • With the search option, you are able to search the free and paid media which makes it very helpful.
  • Easily get the Roku com link code for activation.

How To Get Roku Link Code & Activate

Roku player has come up to the top position with an awesome design and a streamlined operation. With a bunch of entertainment channels, Roku ensures that its users never stay away from the entertainment. Roku account Setup is very basic and should be possible without taking the help of a specialist. The way toward setting up includes visiting the website to enter the code, and then entering the Roku Code on the TV screen in the link provided.

The way toward introducing a Roku device is simple, yet there are some points that may lead you in distress. Here are a few steps that will enable users of Roku in installing their respective versions of Roku players in a hassle freeway.

  • Initially you need to plug in the Roku Device to the Power Socket and connect it to the TV
  • Now select the type of the network, regardless of whether it will be the wired system or the Wireless system.
  • After this, you have to setup the right connection with the TV, regardless of whether it is composite, component or HDMI.
  • After this, the process of installation of the device is finished.

Roku Technical Support and Online Help

Roku provides you the access with hundreds of channel on which you could stream TV series, Music, online videos, live sports. Roku provides a lot of features such as strong the live videos and recording other content for the later viewing. You can all of that under different picture quality and the viewing option. You just need to have a Roku device, a TV and a Roku account that you could sign in and link as many devices possible which allows you to connect your device anywhere and at any time you just need to have internet connection to make it work in a proper way.

But with all these brilliant features sometimes it gets difficult to get them to wok if you are not good with the technology. For that you can contact customer service team which is available 24X7 to assist you in each and every way so that you would not have to cut short your time on entertainment.

Roku Player Troubles

  • Roku running slow.
  • How to get live channels on Roku?
  • Roku not getting with Wi-Fi.
  • ‘Not Connected’ on the Network Settings
  • How to search for channel?
  • Recover Roku pin.
  • Roku remote is not responding.
  • Not able to link the Roku players.
  • How to Reconnect Roku with the Wi-Fi.
  • Resetting the Roku.
  • Roku link code not working
  • Roku screen frozen.
  • Black screen on Netflix.
  • Channels not coming up.
  • How do I restart Roku Player?
  • Roku Account password resetting.

All these above mentioned issues are not that difficult to resolve but sometimes you need a bit of assistance from the customer support team. You could reach our technical support team by calling on the Roku helpdesk number.

What our support offers

  • Help in resetting the Roku player.
  • Roku remote tech support.
  • Roku firmware and bios updates.
  • Support for frozen or slow Roku Player.
  • Restarting the Roku.
  • Resolving all Internet connectivity problems.
  • Helping you to stream Netflix
  • Fixing Wi-Fi connection problem.
  • Roku software updating
  • Handling streaming issues

Excellent Roku Customer service team and Help

Keeping all the issues talked about above we have constructed a well experienced and skilled team that possibly have the resolution for all of your problem that you could face trouble related to. The online support team will be available all the time as we are ready to take calls and queries round the clock. The Roku helpline number is available on the websites so that it will be easier for you to contact us anytime. Our aim remains to provide the complete resolution to you all that too making sure that it would be resolved up to your satisfaction level.

A list of the exceptional Roku Customer Service offered by us include

  • Highly skilled and qualified Roku Professionals.
  • Roku Customer Service that responds all the time.
  • Step to step and detailed Guidance and assistance offered to Roku Users.
  • Regular upgrading and updating the Roku software.
  • Friendly technicians working to make sure that you won’t have to all of the work yourself

How Our Roku Support Works

We provide the support services in various way that would depend upon user what sort of assistance he is looking forward for our skilled and friendly help team is ready to assist you anytime.

Chat support:
If you are at you work place or somewhere you are not able to get the resolution over the phone, you can go to our chat support in which you will get the detailed help from our expert chat executive.

Email Support:
You can use this support when you need the resolution over the email and you would like to work on your trouble later on .For this you can shoot as an email and we will reply within hours with the detailed step by step guidance of the issues

Live support:
This includes any help that you would need you could go online to the website and Roku helpdesk team will revert to your queries in shortest possible time.

Phone support:
This still remains one of the best possible resolution for any sort of issues that you could be facing on your end. You just have to contact the Roku customer care team for the help where one of our best executive would help you over the phone to make sure that you are getting your entertainment time properly.

How To Activate Your Roku Player

Steps involved in activating Roku Steaming player.

Roku player is a device which allows you to stream, music, movies and TV shows from the internet right to your TV. I will walk you through the simple setup and also give you some tips for if you are unable to activate your Roku player.

All you need to get started is:

  • Your Roku box
  • Your TV
  • A computer with internet connection
  • Netflix account

Find the steps involved to Activate Your Roku Player

Step 1

Follow the directions outlined in your Roku box owners manual to connect your Roku box to your television

Go to www Roku. com link for more updates

Step 2

Turn on your television making sure input is set to the proper channel for your Roku box. Now you will see Roku’s welcome screen press the select button on your Roku remote control.

Step 3

Now select whether you are using a wired or wireless network connection and provide the required information about your network. You will see an activation screen with an activation code once a connection is established.

Finally Step 4

Go to from your computer. Log into your Netflix account if prompted to do so. Now enter the activation code from your television screen into the text box on the Netflix activation page. Your Roku box is now activated.

Unable to activate your Roku player?

  1. If you followed the steps above and you are still unable to activate your Roku player try some of the solutions below.
  2. If your web page is showing that your Roku player is successfully linked, but the code is still showing on your TV.
  3. Log into your Roku account using your computer and see if it is already linked by looking for the Roku player serial number it will be listed on My linked devices.
  4. If the serial number is not displayed as a linked player then go to your TV and select Help you will Get a new code. Now try Entering the new code.
  5. If the serial number is displayed as a linked player, give it few minutes. Allow necessary updates to appear on the Roku player.
  6. If the player is still not updating, restart your Roku player, start the setup process over.
  7. You should be aware that there may be a delay between the time it takes to update your Roku player and the time it takes to update the message being displayed on the TV. Please allow a few minutes to pass before requesting a new code.
  8. sometimes, the Roku service may be under maintenance. Or it may be experiencing a service interruption,  this can result in a slower or no response. you can check the homepage for any alerts.
  9. If no link code is being displayed on the TV or you get a link code but it is not accepted by the web page then Select Help and Get a new code.

roku activationCast your Phone or Computer Screen With Roku TV Screen Mirroring

You can use the Roku TV Screen Mirroring feature when you want to display the content from your phone or laptop on to your TV. The feature replicates or mirrors content from a compatible Windows or Android device that is wirelessly relayed into the TV. Send web pages, videos, photos, music, and much more to your compatible Roku streaming player or Roku TV with screen mirroring.First set up and enable the feature on your Android or Windows device to use the feature. Thereafter, request a connection to your Roku device. You can see your mobile screen on your TV, once a connection is establishedand even control it from your phone or tablet.

Roku TV Screen Mirroring from the Android device

There are many models of Android devices available in the market. Therefore, it might be hard to determine whether a particular device indeed supports screen mirroring. If your Google device is running on OS 6.0 or newer such as a Nexus or a Pixel or if your Android is running on the 4.2 version, then these gadgets are most likely to support screen mirroring.

Different terms for screen mirroring

Some of the frequentexpressions used for screen mirroring are Smart View, Quick Connect, Cast, Wireless Display, Display Mirroring, HTC Connect, Screen Casting, and Cast (to name a few). Look and identify any of these terms used by the Android device manufacturer. If you find any of these, then it means that the device is compatible with screen mirroring. Go to SETTINGS and then select CONNECTION and then the DISPLAY OR NETWORK submenu.

Screen mirroring the Windows Device

Windows 8.1

  • Depending upon the version of the windows you are running on your device, you can perform Screen Mirroring on Roku. If you are using Windows 8.1, then you should use MIRACAST to project your display.
  • First, get all your devices ready.
  • Then to complete the connection, you must add the wireless display.
  • Tap DEVICES from the right side of the screen and then click on PROJECT.
  • Thereafter, tap on ADD A WIRELESS DISPLAY..
  • Follow instructions on the screen after choosing your list of devices for wireless display.

Windows 10

  • Go to the action center and click on CONNECT.
  • Select your ROKU DEVICE From the list of wireless display and audio devices.
  • Thereafter, just follow whatever guidelines appear on the screen.
  • Checking if the Roku supports mirroring.
  • Go to SETTINGS first and then click on SYSTEM and then click ABOUT to check if mirroring is indeed available on your player.

Roku Voice Search

Get tech-savvy and stop typing in your search queries. You could instead make use of the Roku voice search to find your favorite movies or music videos. Besides, there are other great enhancements to this feature in the latest OS 8. So, let’s have a look at the benefits of using the voice search feature.

Benefits of the voice search

  • Keying in the search query through the Roku remote can be a little time-consuming. Save time and make use of a voice search to find content quickly.
  • You can use conversational tones to search for content. For example, such say “I wish to watch Game of Thrones Season 7”, and it will automatically fetch channels that telecast the show.
  • Open channels by giving commands such as “Open Netflix” or “Launch Hulu”.
  • Besides, you can also give specific commands such as “Watch comedies on Vudu” and the voice search will fetch the most relevant content.

Which devices support voice search?

Only a few Roku devices are accompanied by a voice remote. These devices include:

  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick Plus

In case you don’t have a voice remote, then you can very well download the Roku mobile app. This Roku app is currently compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. The application has a voice search feature that also allows you to control other features on your streaming player.

How to use the voice search on a remote?

The voice search remote can be identified using the magnifying glass button. This is generally found in the middle-left corner of the remote. Follow the below-given steps to complete the voice search using a remote.

  • Turn on the TV and the Roku player and ensure that the Roku is connected to the internet.
  • Also, pair the Roku device with the voice search remote before beginning the search.
  • Once you complete pairing, hold the SEARCH button on the remote and give a voice search query.
  • Release the button and wait for the search results to appear on the TV screen.
  • Select the desired channel and proceed to stream the content.

How to use the voice search on an app?

Before you begin, make sure you download and install the official Roku app on your mobile device or tablet. It is currently available for both Android and iOS devices.

  • Launch the app and navigate to the HOME SCREEN menu on your mobile device.
  • Go to the SEARCH box and select the MICROPHONE symbol found in the right corner of the screen.
  • Give a voice search query in a conversational tone and wait for the results to load.
  • Select the correct channel and begin streaming right away.

Roku Channel on Samsung Smart TV’s

Roku channel on Samsung smart TV’s offer endless and free entertainment to all its customers. If you have a Samsung TV at your home, you will have an entertaining summer ahead. Get access to the Roku channel and enjoy the streaming service.

Roku thus spreads its wings across other streaming platforms that have a different version of the software. The selection of the programmes on Roku channel is extremely amazing. The new selections are updated every month.

Programs on Roku channel

The Roku channel selection includes contents from popular studios and here are some of them.

  • Lions gate studios
  • MGM
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Popcorn Flix
  • American classics
  • Fandor
  • Film Rise
  • Nosey
  • OV guide
  • Popcorn Flix
  • Vidmark
  • Sony pictures
  • Warner Brothers
  • Metro

Roku app on Samsung smart TVs brings the Holly wood hit movies and TV shows. You can even watch the award-winning shows and big screen classics.

Roku add supported video channelactivate roku

Apart from the Roku channel, Roku adds supported video channels are also launched on Samsung smart TV. By expanding the Roku channel on different platforms, more customers are engaged in free ad-supported entertainment.

Roku is yet to expand its service to other third party services. As more number of user’s access the channel, Roku gains more revenue.

Access the channel free

The best part is there is no subscription fee to access the Roku channel on Samsung smart TVs. Watch the channel with the help of streaming app on Samsung smart TVs.

Popular Premiers on Roku channel

The channel telecasts Interesting and thrilling Premiers on Roku channel. Here are some of the latest collections.

Big Fish– The comedy-drama film explains the reconciliation between a dying father and his son. The story is based on the novel, Bigfish.

Hugo– It’s all about the life story of an orphan named Hugo Cabret who lives in a train station.

There will be Blood– The story of an oilman Daniel Plainview who tries hard to achieve his goal and takes advantage of the people around him.

True grit– A thrilling show about the story of a stubborn teenager who tries to track his father’s murderer.

All is Bright– Dennis, out on a parole sells Christmas trees with his Buddy Rene to buy a piano for his daughter.

Better Luck Tomorrow– The story of a group of American school seniors who goes for a trip and engages themselves in extracurricular activities.

Lake Placid – Describes the story of gigantic crocodile that attacks the residents in Black Lake, Maine.

Moms Night out– Moms night out, an American comedy film written by Jon Erwin and directed by the Erwin Brothers is the story of a hardworking mom Allyson. She goes for a crazy night out with her friends.

Best Streaming Device

There is a huge competition among the many streaming players available in the market today. Roku and Apple are leading this race by having millions of users to each of their credits.Before we go into the comparison between these two stalwarts in streaming, we will look at the features that we are going to take into consideration for this.

Based on all these criteria, such as price, navigation, a variety of content and other technical features we can safely declare that the Roku players are the winners. When a product is able to cover so many aspects with of course a few flaws here and there, it is only fair that we recommend the Roku device to people coming from very different backgrounds as the best entertainment device in the world of streaming players.

Difference between Roku Streaming Device vs Apple TV

Comparison of Price

It’s common knowledge that Apple products are way too costly than their peer products of the same category. Now you can Setup Roku streaming devices start from $30 and the top end Roku Ultra costs just $110 whereas Apple TV starts at $149 and the max cost here is $199. It has a variety of products to choose from which include,

  • The Express
  • Express +
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Premiere
  • Roku Premiere +
  • The Ultra

Apple has only two variants which are in terms of memory specifications and they are

  • 32 GB Apple TV
  • 64 GB Apple TV


Apple TV, however, steals the limelight in this section with its famous Siri search that allows users to communicate conversationally with their devices. For example, you can ask Siri to play songs of Eric Clapton and then mention conversationally that you like to hear only from his hit albums. Roku is no lesser in this respect. It too supports a voice search with its remote (on select models), that also comes with a provision to listen privately using your headphones. That being said, we should say that they both score equally with respect to navigation.

Variety of content

There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to announcing the winner of this feature. Hands down it is the Roku devices that take away the prize. With more than 3500 channels to choose from, Roku is far ahead in the race with Apple TV providing meagre 1000 odd channels to its users. For any queries regarding the contents available on Roku, give a call to the Roku support team at +1-806-516-0102

Note: Activate your preferred channels in a simple way, visit roku com link account

Technical features

4k content is available on Roku players and not available in the corresponding Apple products. This is a huge drawback for Apple and as long as that feature is not being rectified, we are sure that Apple will see a huge decline in its patronage. For those of you wondering what 4K is, it refers to Ultra HD content with a clarity of 3840×2160 pixels. If you have any issues related to Roku code link contact our Roku support team or visit www roku. com link for more on the same.

Roku is a clear winner in this race due to many features including its price, product range, services, and the most important of all, the wide variety of content. We offer services related to your Roku streaming players and Roku TV.

Get Online Roku Support For Roku Com link, How Does Roku Work, Roku Activation Code, Roku Channel Codes & Other help for Roku Technical problems

roku support numberRoku Issues & How To Fix Them

We know that Roku Player is manufactured so strong that it rarely needs help from our technicians but Roku issues can occur anytime as Being a technical device. So always you need Roku Support number.

It is always possible to find Roku TV customer service number even when you’re not aware of all the hidden functions. There are many common Roku issues that you can face anytime.

When There Is No Playback Available From Video

  • The video is stuck for a long time
  • Buffering taking too long time
  • It is repeatedly going back to the home screen

These are few common Roku issues that need little time to be fixed. So wherever you feel like your Roku Player is facing any problem among these, feel free to get in touch with Roku Customer Service.

We’ve introduced as online Roku customer service number USA that is a team of highly skilled certified Roku technicians. When you purchase a new Roku player, You might need someone who can assist you to set-up your Roku player device.

You can always contact Roku Troubleshooting team if you think so. We ensure you not take more than a couple of minutes to fixing your Roku player.

These are some of common experience technical problems that Roku Troubleshooting team offers you to fix:

Few Common Roku Issues

Network connectivity Problems of Roku Automatic change of streaming video Irregular of disturbance while streaming Device heating up.

However, these are common issues but still needs to take care so Roku customer support number team offers you to contact them in case you’re facing any of these problems.

Setup Roku & Wireless Connection | Roku Support Number

Why Roku is the most popular player in the world and the answer can be found through the peoples who are enjoying the latest movies, videos & music anytime without having any interruption.

roku error code fix

When you bring new Roku player, you get following items inside the Roku box that needed to set-up a Roku wireless connection.

  • Roku Player Device
  • Remote To Operate Roku Player
  • Cables: There will be a Power and connection cable.

Roku installation process is not complicated as you only have to identify the right port and the setup manual. You can start by identifying each port of the cable jacks. Just fit those into the appropriate relevant cables to its port with device and TV. Later you can start Roku device with the remote.

Roku player will start working after you correctly connect all the port with proper cable. When you’re Roku player is on & working, you can start enjoying the unlimited Entertainment.

Just in case, if you have a problem with Roku Device setup & wireless connection, feel free to contact to Roku Support Number team, We will assist you to setup your Roku device & wireless connection. Apart from it, there are some other Roku Problems such as Roku Wi-Fi setup that you might face while setting up your device. It really doesn’t matter which Roku device model you’re using, if your Roku is unable to connect with Wi-Fi, It will keep restarting or rebooting itself. Roku will be buffering or Roku browser processing slow or it keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi then you definitely need someone who can assist you while setting up your Roku Device.

When you need Roku device, we always recommend you to take Roku assistance so that you can setup Roku device and wireless connection perfectly & without any technical error.

Roku Setup & Activation Help

We offer you to take help and support by Roku help and support team that works online and provide you Roku customer service phone number for setting up your Roku wireless connection. We’re team of highly skilled certified Roku technicians who can resolve almost every Roku technical problem instant.

If you are now at Roku com link setup or activation, just call us and get free help by Roku technician who are ready to guide you to Setting up your Roku player.

Unlimited Choice & Roku Private Channels

Roku device is highly advanced TV streaming player that have unlimited entertainment stuff. Roku customers have always more while watching Roku player as they can always choose what they want to watch. Roku always provide so many options according to users need. Roku offers multiple of choice like channels, Movies, Music & other channels.


Roku offers some hidden channels to their customers if they want to access them. These channels call Roku private channels and available on demand. Apart this, these are so many hidden features that Roku offer.

  • It can be connected with cable to watch satellite channels
  • It can be used to stream TV, Music, Video & Music
  • These are free Channels available through broad casting by HDTV channels
  • A vast Range of TV channels
  • Private listening facilities

roku tech supportRoku Private Channels | Roku Secret Codes | Roku Activation Code

These are hidden channels and available on demands as these are unrated channels and won’t available on the list of Roku channels. These private channels are developed by the Roku developers as they need to test and verify. When you want to see them, you need to do it by going to the menu option > add channels. They will be asking the Roku code in order to add them on your watch list.

As a part of the installation, Roku wants secret code when you want to watch private channels. You need to set up an account by going through the Roku website where you enter the secret codes. Once you enter them, you will be able to watch the private channels.

“You can always grab Roku private channels. You only have to get these secret codes, you can call Roku support number for more information or any help regarding this. Just dial toll-free Roku support phone number and talk to our Roku technicians about this.”

As you’ve heard about the Roku device, it awesome for those who loves watching movies & videos. Roku is an online streaming player that uses for watching TV channels as well. There are so many Roku device models available such as Roku streaming stick, Roku 4, Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1 SE, Roku LT etc. Roku is having more than 20,000+ Channels that are expanding with the time.

Roku Activation & Setup

Roku is all time demanding streaming player which has a huge number of channels. For the successful installation, you need to finish its installation completely with the Roku code. A user will receive link: Roku com linkwhere you only have to enter the activation code. After entering the Roku activation code, a user can enjoy the unlimited fun of music and videos. If you want to know more about this or you’re having the issue while activation your Roku account, you can contact Roku help and support department.

Roku Help & Technical Support Number |+1-806-516-0102

Who is Roku and how it functions?

Roku is the organization that spearheaded gushing for the television.
Roku streaming players are a more helpful and savvy approach to sit in front of the television. Simply connect it to your television, interface with the web, set up a Roku record, and begin spilling your top choices. Dial the toll-free number for Roku Technical Support  +1-806-516-0102 with full confidence and find the required details on an immediate basis.

Roku Device officially announced On 6 October 2015 the release of the Roku 4. Roku device has launched the latest feature of 4K video streaming capability, an updated software (Roku OS 7) and remote control finder,  and hardware that includes support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac. The Roku 4 available for shipping in October 2015.

Awesome features of Roku Products

Roku gadgets are very easy to set-up and simple to utilize. They accompany a basic remote, and intense highlights like Roku Inquiry which Simplify the essay discover what you need to watch. Roku gadgets give you access to 4,000+ free and paid channels, so you can stream nearly anything.

1. Latest international Tv shows or original movies

Amazon Video, Netflix, NOW TV, Rakuten TV, Sky Store and Google Play.

2. special music channels

iHeartRadio, Pandora, NPR music, YouTube, Box Plus, Deezer, VEVO, and TuneIn.

3. Best Free Roku Channels To Watch

Crackle, HBO Go, TV Player, YouTube, Hulu, BBC Sports, Sky News and Red Bull TV.

4. Best Roku Channels 2018

BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Hub, Demand 5 and STV Player, FandangoNOW, Showtime.

Roku Contact

A Roku is one of the famous and leading streaming players which was established in 2002 and provides services to watch movies, listen to music, and enjoy their favorite TV shows with an internet connection. Roku Inc was founded by Anthony Wood and it is a leading manufacturer of streaming entertainment devices. If you have a query related to Roku then immediately dial our Roku contact number. Our Roku support team will help you in getting a best possible solution of your problem without any delay.

Common Roku issues solved by our support team:

Our Roku contact is helpful in resolving these type of issue that you can commonly face while using a Roku device for listening to music, watch movies and your favorite TV shows.

  • Roku com link not working
  • Unable to create Roku account
  • Don’t know how to recover forgotten Roku account password
  • unable to enter Roku activation code
  • Unable to find Roku activation link
  • roku remote battery issues
  • Netflix Roku activation issue
  • Roku live TV buffering issue
  • roku payment issues
  • roku performance issues
  • A Roku playback issues
  • roku remote battery issues
  • a Roku screen issues
  • Roku setup and configuration issue
  • Some users are unable to get new Roku activation code
  • roku streaming stick setup issues

Reason to dial our Roku contact number:

There are some important features of our Roku support team that can help you in getting a best possible solution of your above-mentioned issue and many others.

  • Our support team is 24*7 available for your help
  •  Here you can get instant solution your all your Roku problems
  • Help Roku customers with 100% customer satisfaction
  • Provides cheapest and reliable solution
  • Provides support with chat, email and phone number
  • Provides support through remote access if Roku customers do not satisfy on call
  • Help users with a surety of data security
  • Have the ability to troubleshoot any kind of Roku issue or Roku activation issue
  • Our third-party Roku customer support team is highly educated, certified and have proper experience about Roku

Why need Roku contact Number

If you have any type of Roku technical issue or problem and want an instant solution to your problem for enjoying error-free service, then you can contact our Roku technical support team just by dialing our Roku contact number. Here you can get a best possible solution of your every issue which is related to Roku. You can contact our Roku support team anytime for any type of query and suggestions.

How to contact Roku Technical support

You can contact our third-partyRoku technical support team through our toll-free Roku contact number +1-806-516-0102. We have well trained and qualified technicians who have the ability to solve any type of technical issue which is related to Roku.  Our Roku technicians are 24*7 available for your help so you can call us any time for any type of query and suggestion. If you are unable to get a proper solution through call then our support team can also resolve your problem by accessing your device through remote access. And here you can ask any type of query or questions related to Roku without hesitation.

How To Contact Roku Customer Service

One of the great things about Roku is that it just works. However, if you do have issues, there is a support infrastructure in place to help. If you need to contact Roku customer service, they do make it easy to do so.

Roku is an awesome way to access TV channels from across the world and TV shows you may never have heard of. It comes as a small dongle or box and remote control and uses your WiFi network to stream content to a TV, phone or tablet.

Roku gives you access to a couple thousand TV channels, can access Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, BBC, Deezer and other favorites as well as hundreds of channels you have never heard of. Most channels are free but some have a subscription which you manage through Roku.


Unlike many newer companies that like to obfuscate their support behind several layers of website or not display them at all, Roku has a good support network. The downside is that there is no email address or phone number that I can find.

Access the Support website here.

Contact Roku via the website here. Select the reason for your contact and hit Continue.

Roku doesn’t list a phone number so I cannot provide that here. If you do a basic internet search you will see lots of numbers listed for Roku, a few of them legit looking toll free ones. However, there are lots of companies out there who offer Roku support who are not linked or affiliated with the company at all. While they may be real and offer good quality support, they are businesses and will likely charge you for anything they do to help. I would rather not provide a phone number at all rather than provide one to a company who wanted your money!


Roku is a simple system that works flawlessly the majority of the time. Things can go wrong though. Here are some of the most common issues I have seen and how to fix them.


  • The Roku remote is a key aspect of the system. Without it you cannot do much unless you use your smartphone as the remote, which is great but means you always need your phone close to hand when watching TV.
  • If you’re having issues with the remote, here are a few things you can do to get it working again.
  • Remove the batteries, leave for 60 seconds, replace the batteries. If the batteries have been in the remote for a while, replace them with new ones.
  • If you’re using the IR remote, make sure the dongle or box is in line of sight of the control. Use an HDMI extender cable if the control cannot see the dongle. Get one
    free from Roku here.
  • Control issues can be caused by wireless interference if using the WiFi remote. Use a WiFi scanner app to check what channels are busy and what channels are less used. Change your Roku’s WiFi channel on your router to help with connectivity.


There are a few common issues with Roku that can easily be fixed with the right knowhow. Here are a few common issues I have seen with my own Roku and those of friends, along with their fixes.

Check for WiFi channel congestion like in the last tip above. Use a WiFi analyzer app to see what channels have the least traffic or strongest signal where your Roku box is and use that.
Stuttering while in the EPG (the Roku menus) indicates that your Roku player is due a reboot. This is mainly for the player rather than dongle, but it will work on both. Turn it off, leave for 10-15 seconds and turn it back on. The menus should work fine again now.
Any issues with selecting channels or displaying them can be due to old firmware that won’t sync properly with channel servers. Go to Settings on your Roku box and select System and then System Update. Let the Roku update if available and then retest.
You can force a channel update if yours aren’t displaying properly. Use the Roku remote, press Home five times, fast forward three times and rewind twice. This takes you to the ‘secret’ screen which can force a firmware update or reload. Scroll down to Update Software and select it.
So now you know how to contact Roku customer support and how to fix a few common issues yourself.

Roku SupportRoku Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Roku is: +1-806-516-0102.
The Roku is a live streaming device and a range of set-top boxes produced by Roku Incorporation that broadcasts paid as well as free-to-air channels to millions of viewers all over the world. The first Roku product was Netflix, which was introduced to markets in 2008, it belongs to its first generation and during later years, the company has developed and extended its product portfolio to a modern outlook. Roku Player also supports online channels with high quality outcomes. Besides this, Roku Incorporation is a privately held digital media product manufacturing company that provides subscription-centric services and delivers a broad collection of media players.

Roku Incorporation Business Overview

This company was established in 2002 by the efforts of Anthony Wood and operates as a consumer electronics and Broadcast media company headed from Saratoga province of California. Roku is one of the most popular streaming platform for delivering video, music and casual games to the TV. The Roku platform features the largest and best collection of entertainment available for streaming. Products are sold in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and the Republic of Ireland.

Products and Services of Roku Incorporation

Roku’s products range covers a wide variety of consumer electronics goods such as broadcast media products, digital video recorders, entertainment devices, streaming players and other accessories. Roku products are mainly used by content owners, as well as by service providers, such as MSOs, satellite operators, IPTV providers, telecoms operators, etc.

Roku Account Setup

The setup procedure for the entire range of Roku device is more or less the same. You need to activate your Roku device and link the Roku device to your Roku Account Setup.

Roku account is a must when you add a channel to your device. The Roku account keeps track of all the subscriptions, purchases you make and also the details about the devices that are linked to that Roku account. To know more about how-to-setup-your-Roku-account, continue reading below.

It will keep track of the subscriptions expiry date and notify you in prior. In case you have set a reminder to watch a favorite movie when it’s streaming, you can stay updated with the Roku account. It will send a reminder prior to the movie streaming on the news feed.

Is it a must to have a Roku account?

Yes. You should have a Roku account to activate your Roku device and to add channels. To have a Roku account, you should have a valid email address. You can receive important notifications on this email address. Secure your Roku account with a strong password.

So, before you start streaming the channels for example channels like Hulu, the Roku channel, HBO NOW or any channel, you should add the channel to your Roku device. You should download and install the channel. To do that, you must first link your Roku device to a Roku account. Without having a Roku account, you cannot add or stream a channel.

How to create a Roku account:

To activate a Roku device and enjoy all that streaming, you need to have a Roku account. Create a Roku account with the following steps to complete Roku Account Setup.

  • Visit the Roku sign in page for Roku Account Setup
  • Click on Create an account option from the page.
  • You will get the signup form.
  • Complete the form filling in the required details.
  • Your name, email address is a must.
  • Provide a password to secure your account.
  • Put a check and Confirm that you are 18 years or more.
  • Agree the terms and conditions and privacy policy
  • You can choose to receive email the product tips, latest releases and other product related details ( this is optional though)
  • Confirm that you are not a Robot.
  • Click on Continue to navigate to the next page.

After you click on continue you will be directed to the payment information page.

Providing Payment details:Roku Support

When you create a Roku account for Roku Account Setup, you will provide the payment details. Though creating a Roku account is free of cost, you can use the payment details you have provided to purchase a channel or pay a subscription. The card details you provide with the Roku account, you can use the same payment details for any Roku device you have linked with the same account.

If you have more than one Roku device, you can link any number of devices to one Roku account. You can change the payment details provide any time. This will not make any changes to the Roku account.

  • Provide details of your credit card here.
  • Mention the card number, card expires and other details.
  • Remember, Roku will not charge you for account creation.
  • After you provide the details click on continue to complete the account creation.
  • You can now activate your Roku device with the Roku account you have created.

For more information on how to perform Roku Account Setup, visit You can also call us on +1-806-516-0102 for more information.

Roku technical support Number and Contact Options

The small Roku Streaming device is more than its worth $50 and is the most least expensive video streaming device. You can stream video from Amazon, Netflix,, Hulu, Sling TV, HBO and other online services. The other most sought after feature is lightning fast speed. Also the new app feature that lets you listen via your phone’s headphone jack make it worth buying. It now offers more app, more customization and much better search feature that any other devices in the same line of business. Here in this post we will also focus on different ways to contact Roku technical support Number.

The only Bad thing which still run after this Roku stick is No Ethernet port which means it only works over wireless network, and not on wired connection. But if I have to recommend only one video streaming device today, it would definitely be the new Roku Stick from Roku Inc. And that’s only because of its best Video quality, fastest streaming, and unmatched technical support for Roku stick. Also their technical support service is little worth worrying as they have high call wait time. But don’t worry, as we have got you covered, we will discuss about different ways to connect to Roku technical support Number.

I won’t hesitate to say that the Roku is the king of streaming devices and its world, it now has more app which really are amazing and worth installing. The interface for end user is also very simple, clean and user friendly. You can even customize the interface and dashboard as per your convenience, arrange the apps in the order you want, Places you like.

As per Roku Inc., the new Roku device (2018) is actually 8 times faster that the older one (2014 model) and new quad core processor make it distinct from other. We performed a couple speed tests between the old and new stick and also with Amazon Fire TV stick and Roku 2 devices. And much to our surprise we found new Roku stick the fastest among all of them.

Now because the device is new and amazing but we should not forget about the computing technology it uses. And all the computing and processing devices are prone to malfunction and stop at some point of time. That’s the time when you really need someone from Roku to help either repair the stick or update the software, flash and reinstall the software or just help with connecting to wireless network. So , that’s why we are also including some of the recommended help channel for Roku streaming devices or stick. We will also share the email and phone number for Roku technical support Number.

Roku SupportRoku Customer Service Email

Email Roku client service helpline at the above mentioned email address for the fastest resolution. To get the prompt fix, don’t forget to attach the screenshot or a photo Snap to show what issue you are messaging about and they can share their best answers , solutions by email so you get a quicker answer and better outcomes. This is the best email address for Roku customer service. They occasionally solve few basic technical problem as well and can share some troubleshooting article with you in the mailer. Email can be an advantageous method to speak with customer service. Be that as it may, as a rule, Roku clients need to converse with a genuine live individual at the earliest opportunity and scratch it off their plan for the day. Thus they incline toward calling Roku at their 1-806-516-0102 telephone number. The Customer Service office that answers to the messages you send is accustomed to reacting to an assortment of client benefit issues, for example, Change my record data. When you email Roku one of their client support adviser sitting in one of their call center, likely situated in India or Philippines, will get your message in their inbox and answer to you on a first come, first serve basis. That department is open Mon-Sat 8am-8pm PST. In the event that you send an email late during the evening, you most likely won’t get an answer until the following business day. It’s occasionally elusive data about how best to contact organizations like Roku by email, so we assembles data like this from clients so we can share among others.

Contacting Roku Technical Support

As we know all major companies provide support through different contact channels, Phone, Chat, Web, Email. Similarly, Roku also provide support for technical issue over the phone and because of having a large user base the average wait time is more that 15 minutes and that does not guarantee that your issue will be fixed the same day. You may need to go through their so called knowledge base which describes about different troubleshooting steps to fix a problem. So they must walk you through their troubleshooting steps over the phone irrespective of whether you have already done the same troubleshooting or not. Which is most of the time very frustrating. We here provide a premium Roku Tech Support service and our average wait time is always less than a minute and we focus on customer service along with quality and professionalism. We have highly experienced tech who follow the best quick method to fix all kind of Roku stick related problems. For more details on how to contact us and why our Roku technical support service is the best option you should choose read the article Roku Customer Service Phone Number. We provide 24/7 technical support service for Roku devices. We are eagerly waiting for your call so simply dial 1-806-516-0102 and talk to one of our experts.

Roku Support NumberRoku Support

Get solution for Roku- The live streaming device!

The device Roku is a great choice if you are looking for the best media streaming players. There are various media streaming players by which you can enjoy the live streaming by plugin the USB port of into the TV and access the TV channels, audio, and video. The manufacturing company Roku Inc. has been offering this awesome streaming device for a very long time and due to its superb quality and fastest service users love it. But yet there are some points which lead to frustration and this happens when users stuck with bugs whiling streaming video, watching Roku TV and so on. When you are in trouble and you looking for help ring Roku customer care number. This is a toll-free customer support number by which you can sort out the snags that appear with it.

Why is Roku different from other streaming devices?

To be different anything needs to have some amazing characteristic because everyone love to have the best device. Well as you read above that the Roku is a great streaming device on the long list of streaming devices in the market. Now, this is the time to have a look at what does makes Roku special from other streaming devices.

  • Simple to set up and easy to use.
  • Powerful features for all users.
  • 4000+ free and paid channels
  • Now monthly charges
  • You can watch YouTube, Box Plus, VEVO and more amazing channels through this device.

How to set up the Roku device:-

The setup process of Roku is as simple which a non-tech savvy people can also do. If you want to know how you can set up the Roku at your smart home, just have a glance at the steps described here and if you have any doubt just dial Roku customer service number. No need to worry about the troubles because customer care experts are always availed on the call for resolving your technical flaws.

Step 1: Turn on the Roku device which one you have selected. Then plug the Roku USB port into your TV. You should use HDMI cables to connect it to your TV.

Step 2: Turn on the router or modem and connect your Roku with Wi-Fi connection. You should make sure the internet connection good. To stream the contents you need to have the fastest internet connection by which you can access the Roku streaming player.

Step 3: Now create a Roku account which is essential to stream video, TV channels etc. To activate the Roku device you will require an account, so create an account and take a subscription for Roku device.

You can also watch the video and amazing channels on your iOS and Android phone via Roku mobile app. This device will tell you what you are watching and what is the cost, means it is free content or paid.

A wide range of Roku products:-

There is a wide range of Roku devices by you can choose the best and reliable one for you. If you want help to get the complete information which one would be best for you then simply call on Roku helpline number and ask customer care experts for assistance. So you are just one step away from entertainment, to watch your favorite TV show or audio. You can purchase any Roku device those are listed below.

  • Roku Streaming Stick:
  • Roku Express & Express +
  • Roku Premiere models
  • Roku TV
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Premiere & Premiere+

Technical snags of Roku device:-

Having technical hiccups are part daily life and often it leads to frustration and irritation. The same thing happens with Roku device users. There is some sort of reasons that cause troubles to set up this device, users face a problem to access the TV channels and much more.

  • Video stuck while playing
  • The home page frequently turns back
  • Roku remote is causing an error.
  • The Roku device is heating up.
  • Trouble to install and set up the TV channels.
  • Error while accounting
  • Buffering for a long
  • Users face sound trouble while watching videos.
  • Code activation error.
  • Trouble at the time of payment and billing.
  • Roku device shows connectivity error.
  • Roku device set up and activation error.

How to find a complete solution for Roku hiccups?

The popularity of the Roku device is because of its superb quality but yet you can’t deny that it shows snags. When you stuck with trouble and not able to sort it out then you should contact dexterous techies via contact Roku customer support number. Through this customer care toll-free number you will be able to find a complete solution for the Roku device flaws. The reason why you should get in touch with customer care executives is given as.

  • You will get 24×7 assistance no time limit.
  • Reliable and worthy service.
  • The quick response to your call.
  • Complete solution of the error you are facing.

Roku SupportHow can I set up the Roku device?
To stream live videos, TV channels etc. via Roku you will have to set up it. To set up the Roku device with TV you should follow the given instructions.

  1. Turn on the Roku streaming player.
  2. Plug the USB port of Roku into your TV.
  3. Set the language of the Roku
  4. Connect it with Wi-Fi.
  5. Now confirm the display settings.
  6. Activate the Roku account.

How to connect TV to the Roku device?
To connect the Roku device with your TV there are some steps given here which you will have to follow one by one.

  • Power on your TV and tune it with HDMI input.
  • Now turn on the Roku player.
  • Go to the Roku home screen and select settings > Network > Wireless > Set up the new connection.

My Roku remote is not working how can I fix it?
When you get that your Roku remote is not working or frequently blinking, then you should follow the steps those are given here. Hope you will able to fix the problem soon.

  1. Remove the batteries from the remote and install it back.
  2. Now unplug the Roku and wait for a while.
  3. Then plug it to the power outlet.
  4. Press & hold the power button of the remote (Purple button) for 5-10 seconds.
  5. Now, wait for the finish the booting process.


Various information about My Roku streaming device can be got through Roku tech support where there will be options for all functions. Roku is a top branded streaming device which helps to stream the number of channels from all over the world through the proper internet connection. There are various types in Roku streaming device that are categories under their quality and power which are also designed accordingly to the people of all category. Roku is installed in television or smartphones with proper internet connection which make it more speed in telecasting. There are many codes which are used in the time of installation. Roku com link activation code and Roku enter link code are used in the initial period to enter into the activation process.

Apart from the local, national and international television channels, Roku also helps its users to watch free as well as paid internet channels like YouTube, Amazon instant videos, Netflix, Hulu, etc. One should not pay for any channels telecasted through Roku streaming device except for the channels subscribed personally by the users. The amount paid during the time of installation of Roku is also low while compared to other streaming devices. There are many specific options in My Roku streaming device and each option and every channel can be activated through Roku Activation codes that are meant for it. As there is a separate code for each and every option the users are free from confusion in using the device.

This device helps the users to watch their favorite programmes in their own leisure time so that using the Roku Roku Supportstreaming device can be a useful one. The users can pause the programmes and can watch it whenever they want. As the device can be connected to the smartphones, the users can carry it to other places and can watch the programs and relax their mind whenever they get time. This device also helps the users as the stress buster. Most of all channels from all around the world are streamed through the device. More than fifty thousand channels along with specific movie channels like HBO are streamed in it.

The codes can be searched directly by users and Roku helps its clients to operate their streaming device on their own. In this link code, the users can also find the number of codes which can be used in the installation process and activation of more options and new channels provided in Roku streaming device as well as the remote control which is provided separately for each and every Roku streaming device including Roku streaming stick. These codes can be activated easily by using Roku com link activation code. Hundreds of channels are installed and streamed freely to the Roku users at the time of installation and the additional channels that are preferred by them can be chosen and activated by the users themselves.

Roku Customer Support – Roku TV

Roku Customer Support Provides the Spotlight at CES!
TCL and Hisense flaunt their 4K HDR Roku TV sat the CES stage, Of course, these are only the first to come among the ones waiting in line from the brands including Hisense, Hitachi, Insignia, Sharp, TCL (and soon Element Electronics), proving the perfection that Roku customer support.

Roku has another stat to prove that Roku customer support is one of the top services for Roku com link code. The stat that 13 percent of all U.S. smart TV sales — roughly 1 out 8 Smart TV purchased in the U.S. is a Roku device!

With perfection comes confidence, they say! Likewise, Roku support on point has projected a 50 percent increase in Roku TV models with 150 models available in North America, and they also guarantee that these will be affordable and will be of high-end standards.

Roku TV support

Unable to activate the Roku TV?

Roku TV activation is simple and straightforward. However, you may have to do it carefully to get the desired output. Some tips to rectify the issue include,

  • Use the Roku activation code before it expires.
  • Make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connection during the activation process.
  • Check the wireless and wired connection between your devices before you setup Roku.
  • Use Roku com link enter code for linking the Roku TV to your Roku com link account.

Unable to add channels to the Roku TV?

If you are unable to add channels directly to your device, you can add them to your Roku account.

  • To do this, log into your Roku account from another device, say your mobile phone or PC.
  • Navigate to the Channel store aka. the Streaming Channels menu and search for the channel app.
  • Add the app to your account and simultaneously restart your Roku TV.
  • Turn on the TV and check if the app reflects on it too.
  • If not, you can visit www Roku com link for assistance.

It is also worth noting that every Roku TV is on the edge of the picture and performance quality! SO go grab your TV today and enjoy what Roku has in store for you. Go to our website and we have the best Roku Customer support team to assist you.

Get details for the process to setup Roku and Roku streaming stick !!

Roku is termed as one of the most utilized streaming players that is available as a SetUp box in the market. Roku Inc. is the parent company of Roku streaming devices that enables the user to stream their favorite videos and movies on it. It is also termed as a computerized media channel for various videos that the user can make use of it for their leisure time.

Roku can be streamed on internet connections but using it on Wi-Fi will be better for the user. Besides, Roku TV can be set up with certain steps and also the Roku streaming stick can be easily be configured by the user.

How to setup your Roku TV?

To set up Roku TV, user’s can use the Set-Up box and can process the setting up of Roku TV. For doing this, the user’s need to follow certain steps that are mentioned below. The steps for this are easy and will enable the user to set up the Roku TV and further, they can stream videos on it.

Therefore, mentioned below are the steps to setup Roku TV with the use of Set-Up box :

Step 1:- First of all the user need to give a check on the ports provided at the back of the Roku device.

  • All Roku devices have different ports at the back of the device and this only determines the type of connection it will have to connect to the TV.
  • There are three types of ports that each Roku device have namely HDMI ports, Ethernet ports and Optical connection. So, the user should check which port their Roku device is having and then only should make the connections.
  • The old Roku devices have A/V connectors that can also be used for the connections.

Step 2:- Once the user has decided for their ports they now need to look for the connection ports on their TV.

  • This connection point should be the highest matching port so as to make the connections in the best way.
  • If the user wants the connection for the HDTV then they should go for the HDMI ports available on the TV.
  • These connection ports are at the back and in rare cases, these are on the front side of the Roku TV.
  • Besides, if user’s TV doesn’t have the HDMI ports then they should get an external cable for the connections.

Step 3:- Now make connections of Roku with the HDMI cable of TV.

  • The HDMI cable that the user is utilizing for making the connections should be long enough to reach from Roku to the TV.
  • On the other hand, if the user is utilizing A/V cables then they should match the color of the cable plugs and the colors of the connectors for making the further connections.
  • While connecting the user need to note down the input label so that the correct input is used.

Step 4:-The user then needs to connect their Roku devices to the power outlet. The user can make use of the power adapter and can connect it to the wall power outlets.

Step 5:-Further, the user then needs to put the batteries in the Roku remote and can access their channels with the use of it. The new Roku comes with two AA batteries that can be inserted into the remote.

Step 6:-The user then is supposed to turn their TV on and should then click on the correct inputs. For doing this they can select the INPUT option and with that, they can select the HDMI settings for Roku.

Step 7:– Further, pair the remote with Roku and then select the language option. The language option can be changed in the future if the user wants to do so.

Step 8:-Now the setup process needs to be started by the user and for this, they need to click on Let’s get started option on the remote.

Step 9:-Then, connect to the network and install any available updates to upgrade it. Also, the user needs to link their Roku to their Roku account so as to sync them both. The user also needs to activate their Roku and for this, they should make use of the code that is mentioned on the screen.

Step 10:-Further, the user needs to go to and should enter the code so as to link the account with Roku. Users can also make their account pin for further accessing the account. Lastly, the user can add channels and can watch videos.

Roku SupportHow to setup Roku Streaming Stick?

On the other hand,  if the user has a Roku streaming stick and they are willing to connect it or set it up then for this they need to follow the below-mentioned steps. The steps for setting up Roku streaming stick are somewhat same as on TV but then also there is a bit difference between the two. Therefore, steps for Roku streaming stick are as followed :

  • First of all the user need to connect Roku stick with the HDMI port of the TV as the Roku sticks can only be connected to the HDMI ports. The stick should be inserted straight and the user should also note the input label.
  • Then, the user is required to connect the USB cable to the power adapter of the TV.
  • Further, the AA batteries that the user get with their Roku devices should be inserted into the remotes.
  • Now, the TV should be switched on and the user should further select the HDMI input that is correct for that port.
  • Once the Roku is booted the user need to pair the remote so as to use it with the Roku stick.
  • Further, select on menu language and start the set up of Roku devices.
  • For this user should set up their account for Roku and then they should connect to the wireless network.
  • Also, the user needs to download as well as install the updates if there is any.
  • Link the Roku stick with the account and then make a pin for further setting up the account.The user then can add various channels and can access any channel that they want.

Besides, the user can even contact the Roku technical support for getting more details regarding the above-mentioned steps. The technical team is trained experts available for 24 hours for the help and support of the user.


Roku streaming player is a list of set-top boxes which are manufactured by Roku, Inc. Roku device gets data through a wired or wireless connection to an internet router and the data is output via video cable, audio cable or by both signals over an HDMI cable. With appropriate input connections, the Roku device can be connected to any TV set. Roku Activation Link is an independent platform to fix all technical issues generated by the Roku device.

Roku streaming player is one of the lead entertaining devices across the USA and Canada, with our certified team of technician your experience can certainly be enhanced. We provide legitimate technical support for a gadget like Roku and Kindle. In our featured service Include the support for the Roku player for hassle-free streaming of digital content from the Internet to your smart devices, setting up and configured on home and business network with desktop, laptop, printers, routers and other various streaming devices for all major brands. Our experts are available 24/7 to provide optimal solutions and services for all your technical requirements.


To setup Roku streaming player follow these simple steps to setup Roku device:-

  • Connect your television with the HDMI cable for the output.
  • Find out which internet connection( wired or wireless connection ) you are using.
  • A wired connection requires a cable to connect with the Roku streaming player and for the wireless connection, you just need to enter the username and password.
  • When asked for internet connection, select the appropriate option to connect to the internet.
  • After the connection is established the Roku device automatically starts downloading and install the latest software during the Roku activation process.
  • Once the software installation is completed, Roku device redirects you to activate Roku.
  • The device restarts and displays a startup screen.
  • Open the URL on your computer.
  • Enter the unique code displayed on the Roku streaming player and click submit.
  • Create a new Roku account and if you have already created, use that Roku account.
  • Now login and set up a payment method.
  • Channel customization can also be done during the Roku activation process.
  • After the completion of the Roku activation process, it displays a congratulations screen.
  • Now your Roku streaming player is ready to use.


Follow these steps to fix Roku Error Code 001:-

  1. Turn off the Roku streaming player.
  2. Eject all power cables from the router.
  3. After ejecting the cables, connect the Roku streaming player with the ethernet cable.
  4. Turn on the Roku streaming device.
  5. After you have finished. Check if still is an issue.
  6. Hence, open the URL and enter the Roku unique code.

And if still, you are having trouble during the Roku activation process feel free to call at Roku support phone number.


Firstly, you have to reset your Roku streaming player. Also, you must have to follow these steps:

  1. Foremost and the first task is to choose the settings menu.
  2. View the “Network” option in the settings menu.
  3. Then, proceed down to “repeat guided setup” and click on it.
  4. Select the provided network which you will utilize.
  5. And at last, get connected with the network by giving Roku com link account.


In order to use Roku streaming player, it requires either a TV or a computer/laptop. And apart from this, it also requires a high-speed wired or wireless connection to connect to the internet for high-end audio and video quality.


  • It supports 1080p HD movies, shows, and videos.
  • It also provides a wide variety of television channels and shows.
  • The remote control for channel settings and options.
  • For network connection, you can use a wireless or wired connection to connect to the internet.
  • Also, features with a user-friendly mobile application.
  • It also provides headphones for private listening.
  • Night listening mode (increases soft sounds and reduces loud noise).
  • Surprisingly, Roku comes in many different models such as- Roku (1-4), Roku Ultra, Roku premiere, Roku premiere+, Roku express, Roku express+.
  • For high-quality content streaming, it is important to have high-speed wired or wireless internet connectivity.


One of the major advantages that all users of the Roku streaming device attain is that they have access to a very able and highly competent team of professionals who offer their technical services when contacted at Roku support service number. All technical problems are solved by the team and all account related or other concerns are attended to by the customer service. Both the technical team as well as the customer service consultant are available on the Roku tech support number. This is made available so that the customer does not have to wait for prolonged period of time in order to her the problem attended to and had it resolved at the earliest.

We at Rokucomlinks make sure that our support team is always available at the Phone number and any problem that the user faces is overcome by this team of highly qualified support team. The experts who attend to all the technical glitches to resolve them are known for their troubleshooting skills.

One of the easiest ways to avail the help of our highly efficient Roku support to help the users get the device back to function so that they do not experience any interruptions in their entertainment value or time. All models of the Roku media player can be repaired by our team of experts. All that the users need to do is to call the Roku technical support phone number and resolve the issues troubling the Roku streaming device. Besides all models, the issues of the various versions of the Roku device can also be taken care of by the Roku support professionals. The users needing such help can call up the Roku helpline contact number and avail their help.

How Does the Support Service Help the Roku User?

One of the first problems that the users face is to identify the technical snag ether their Roku player is facing. In most cases, the user may not be able to identify the problems and in such cases should call the Roku help setup support service number. The professionals attending these calls are always well prepared and well equipped to offer the help.

There is another way in which help is rendered which depending on the severity of the problem. They users on facing a problem with the Roku device can call the Roku toll-free number and avail the help which is rendered via the phone. The professionals guide the users through the various stages and the users need to just follow the instructions given step by step. These instructions will help the user to resolve any issues in the Roku device.


We at Rokucomlinks offer a number of services to ensure that you as our valuable customer enjoy the Roku Streaming device to its fullest. Some of those services include

  • Setting up of the Roku Account for which our roku settings support number is open to customer 24/7 365 days a year
  • Display of error code 011 or 033 during setting up process
  • Unable to connect
  • Configuring of the Roku Streaming Device
  • Language not properly selected
  • Problems with Remote Dialogue screen
  • Playback issues
  • Forgotten password
  • Problems with credit card payment

Apart from these above mentioned issues, there are many others which may crop up during either the setting up process, the configuration process or even when using the device. All these issues are readily resolved by our highly efficient technicians and engineers who have vast experience in working on the Roku device. Our team at Roku express plus support phone number ensures not only prompt action but effective and efficient solutions for all your Roku problems.

Stream with

The Roku player is a conveniently-sized device that can be connected to your TV through an HDMI port. Look for this port in the back of your TV. You also have a power cord to connect to your device. Some devices can be connected directly to your TV, while others require an HDMI cable to connect your device and HDMI. The Roku 3 (one of the Roku boxes) is one powerful player that outperforms Roku’s Streaming Stock. The homepage of Roku resembles a Graphical User Interface like Microsoft’s Surface, in which apps are displayed in a standard grid interface. The Roku player enables you to choose from many options, ranging from internet TV streaming services to general applications like YouTube. You also have access to gaming content from your favorite streamers on Twitch TV. Other popular options include HBO HO, WatchESPN, and Sling TV, among others.

You can choose to subscribe to traditional cable and satellite TV packages straight from Roku, instead of through a cable company. These packages generally lack contractual obligations, which is really convenient for monthly payments.

Activating your means you need to follow certain steps from connecting your device to setting up your account. We can help you every step of the way until you can sit down and enjoy content from up to 4500 apps and channels.

HDMI cable
In order to get started, get an HDMI cable (if applicable) and a wireless/wired connection to the internet. If you can follow the next few steps, activating your account should be a piece of cake.

Roku Setup using Roku.Com/Link

  • First, set up your Roku player with the following steps:
  • Plug your HDMI cable or another compatible cable from your TV to your Roku streaming device.
  • Setup your remote: put in the correct batteries to your remote and pair the remote to your Roku device.
  • When your power up your TV, you will see multiple connections displayed. Select the appropriate HDMI port among the choices.
  • Afterwards, choose your preferred language and the name of your network.
  • You can let your Roku device choose the best resolution for your TV.
  • Now, you will be prompted to create a new Roku account to start your device activation
  • Just write down the code that is displayed
  • Go to a computer, open up a browser, and type in
  • You can create an account here, as well as link it
  • Manage your subscriptions, receive updates from your apps and Roku, and customize your Roku experience once you create your account

Link a new Roku device to or transfer your old device to an existing account of yours. account steps:

Create Roku Com Link AccountRoku Support

All of your favorite content is accessible right from your fingertips with Roku’s vast assortment of apps and channels. Enjoy a practically restriction-free and personalized Roku experience with your new account. Create your account before providing any payment information if you prefer to use your Roku without getting charged for anything. However, you will be asked for your billing details later on by Roku, because you may want to buy premium channels later on.

  • Once your setup is finished, direct yourself to Roku’s website. Choose ‘Create your Roku Account’ Page.
  • When you are prompted, enter the appropriate personal information, accept the terms and then click on ‘Continue’
  • You will also want to setup a personal PIN to help protect your information.
  • In the ‘My Account’ section, you have the ability to alter your payment information
  • You always have the option to alter your billing information in the future, if you want to start getting access to Roku’s selection of premium channels.
  • Now you can enter the code that you saw on your TV and click on ‘Submit’
  • Then in the next screen click on ‘Yes, I already have one’ when you are asked if you have a Roku account.
  • Select ‘Yes, I already have on’ when prompted once you have created your Roku account.
  • Select ‘Skip, I’ll add later’ if you want to withhold your payment information for now. Name your device and finish your setup.


Roku a worldwide used device is a live streaming brand on TV used by multiple people across the world. It is a very popular high rated device used for streaming songs and other media files on TV from various sources like Amazon, Netflix etc. This device has crossed it services almost all other streaming devices. Roku has enhanced its service for users by giving facility of contacting to the Roku Support phone number whenever required. Now, Roku users can anytime at any place, attach their device and can ask the help support for help if needed, from starting the device up to ending up. The Roku customer care number is available 24*7 round the clock. Roku firmly believes in working in a user-friendly environment where users do not hesitate while asking queries.

  • Discover a portion of the help given by the Roku telephone number help
  • Help for refreshing the security programming to get to the most recent ones
  • Remote analytic accompanies inbuilt devices.
  • They assist you with identifying and beat the blunders and issues related with the product
  • In addition,It is additionally conceivable to contact the care staff specifically by calling them on their sans toll numbers.
  • If you have issues with your Device, its product and Hardware’s contact specifically.
  • You can hence rapidly resolve any sort of IT issues.
  • Begin spilling with the assistance of your Latest and best Roku gadgets.
  • Upkeep contracts are accommodated all the product and the Hardware.

This device stands on the peak to give major support to the users as they don’t feel any problem while streaming. Roku has developed its service by giving connectivity facility only through WIFI and data usage on phone and TV. This streaming cannot be done via LAN connection. Users mainly face this kind of problem while connecting to the device that why the songs are not being played through LAN. So, for this user can get in touch with Roku technical support phone number directly to get a suitable solution on time. People use TV and Computer of different brands which hold dissimilar functions. For this issue, Roku helpline support is all time available on calls as well as on chat. Roku will also suggest using troubleshooting steps to get some help for the issue, but sometimes it is very frustrating because it takes a lot of time and sometimes the average result is received. So, at last, the user has the option of asking support from technical support who deliver perfect solution to the problem.