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Netflix Customer Service Overview
Netflix Inc. is a global provider of internet streaming media to viewers of various parts of the world. Netflix customer service was founded in the year 1997 and has its headquarters in Los Gatos, California. The company began the subscription-based customer service by the year 1999. During the year 2009, Netflix had more than ten million subscribers. The overall digital revenue of Netflix was $1.5 billion during the year 2011. The founders of Netflix were Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. Now, Netflix customer service is maintaining a huge customized video-recommendation system depending upon the ratings as well as reviews by their customers.

Products and Services Offered by Netflix
As we all know, Netflix is a subscription-based film as well as TV program rental service. The Netflix customer service is involved in offering media to its subscribers through internet streaming or mail. Besides the disc rental services, the company is offering an internet media streaming services thus giving people the access to the Netflix’s content library. During the year 2008, the company partnered with Starz Entertainment in order bring new films and TV shows for watching instantly. This was done as a part of the service called ‘Starz Play’. In the US, the company is offering a monthly flat-fee service for DVD and Blu-ray disc rentals.

Contacting Netflix Australia Customer Service
If you are an existing Netflix customer, you can directly contact the Netflix customer service through phone. If you want to talk to the customer care team about any of your issues, call at 1-855-273-5444. Alternatively, if you are not an existing customer and you wanted to speak to the customer care as a potential customer, you can call 1-855-273-5444. You can also contact the Netflix customer care by filling the contact box that can be found at the following.

Tips for Contacting Netflix Customer Care
Netflix customer service phone number is the easiest way to reach Netflix customer service and is open for people’s access all the 24 hours a day and seven days a week. For using the ‘contact us’ option, you need to go to the bottom of your account page of your Netflix account and just click on the ‘call us’ link. From here, you will be redirected to the new page where you can find the details about the service code along with the estimated time you have to wait.

Netflix Customer Support Number

Netflix Inc. has grown today as one of the largest on-demand Internet streaming media ports. Head quartered in Los Gatos, California, US, Netflix serves subscribers in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South America, Ireland, Netherlands and Nordic countries. With increasing number of Netflix users all around the world and its expansion plans in several countries, Netflix customer service is now available by a phone number rather then email. Which makes getting in touch with them easier!

If you’ve had problems in streaming a particular movie, television show or have any questions about what’s coming soon check out the list of many shows being added monthly; We are sure update the list as we get the information in.

Netflix Customer Service Phone Number

  • Call as an existing customer

You can reach out to Netflix as an existing customer directly through phone. If you have a Netflix account and want to speak to someone regarding your issues, you can call:


The customer service phone number is the fastest way to reach out to Netflix and it’s available 24/7. You can go to ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of your Netflix account page and click on ‘Call Us’.

You’ll be directed to a page with details about your service code and estimated time that you’ll need to wait.

  • Call Netflix as a potential customer

If you are in a country where Netflix is available, you might have thoughts of joining Netflix and lay your eyes on your favorite movies on-demand.

If so, you’ll have to call 1-855-273-5444

There are several positive reviews regarding Netflix customer service via phone and is the easiest and quickest way to contact a representative at Netflix.

Live Chat

The Live Chat is another way to reach out to Netflix and it’s available 24/7. You can go to ‘Live Chat’ at the bottom of your Netflix account page and click on ‘Live Chat’.

Call the number to be connected to NETFLIX

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how to contact netflixNetFlix Customer Service Phone Number

A powerhouse of entertainment, Netflix needs no introduction. It is the world’s leading Internet television network company based out of California, USA. Netflix has over 117 million subscribers in over 190 countries enjoying more than 125 million hours of live TV shows, movies, original series, and documentaries per day. Its mobile application delivers the best entertainment experience anytime, anywhere. Netflix allows all its premium members to watch what they want and as much as they want on nearly any Internet-connected screen – All without commercials, contracts, or commitments.

Netflix gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite shows on your schedule. Simply connect Netflix to your favorite device – TV, media players, gaming consoles, laptops, smartphones – and binge on world’s best entertainment whether at home or on the go!

Being the best in business, Netflix offers exceptional customer support to all its subscribers. Users can call Netflix customer service number and get instant answers to all their queries and issues. No waiting and absolutely no downtime!

Why choose Netflix services?

People all over the world swear by Netflix services because:

  • It is bigger and better than any other Internet television provider: Netflix’s user interface is not just simple but visually appealing too. It is easy to scroll through a range of content and choose and schedule your preferences.
  • Thousands of shows and full seasons: Netflix offers a never-ending collection of shows, movies and live streaming content to ensure that entertainment never stops.
  • Original content: Other than streaming content from around the world, Netflix also produces its own TV shows – vastly adding to the available entertainment options.
  • Huge discounts and bigger savings: Netflix not only delivers some of the biggest series from broadcast TV, but also offers huge discounts on original content to engage you and keep you glued to your screens.
  • Any time cancel policy: Netflix charges you a low, monthly fee for its services, which you can cancel at any time – without any penalties or prior notice.
  • Adapts to your taste: Netflix technology learns what you like and then suggests movies and shows as per your taste, making the search process fast and simple.
  • 24X7 help and support: Simply call Netflix helpline number and get instant support from certified technicians.
  • Multi-device convenience: You can access Netflix as per your schedule and on the device of your choice, both online and offline. You can even start watching a show on one device and finish it on another.

How to cancel Netflix account?

If you want to cancel Netflix free trial or cancel the Netflix subscription services altogether, it is rather quite easy to cancel Netflix. The cancelation steps are same for free trial Netflix users. A note before we begin, uninstalling the Netflix app will not cancel the subscription. You must follow the steps mentioned below to cancel your Netflix account subscription.

How to cancel through your computernetflix contact

To cancel your Netflix subscription, Open a web browser and log in to your Netflix account. Click on your profile image that is on the top right screen of your computer. On the drop-down list, click on the option “Your Account”. Your account details will be shown on the new page and under the membership and billing preferences, click on Cancel Membership. Now Netflix will show a list of information about what will happen if you cancel your Netflix membership, click on Complete Cancelation to cancel your membership. Once you have canceled, you will get a confirmation email that your Netflix membership has been canceled and will confirm the date of cancellation once again.

How to cancel through your mobile devices

To cancel your Netflix account on iPhone or Android devices, open the Netflix app. Begin by tapping on the Menu icon which is at the top left of the screen. Select Account, you will be redirected to a new web browser page, scroll down till you find the option Cancel Membership. Tap on Cancel Membership; tap on Cancel Membership again to confirm the cancellation and after this, you will get an email confirmation that your Netflix subscription has been canceled.

If for some reason you do not see the option to cancel your Netflix account subscriptions, you must contact your billing partner to cancel. You will get an option to contact your billing partner or a link to guide you on how to cancel your Netflix with your billing partner, on the main Account page.

800 Number for Netflix

How to call Netflix: use the toll free number below to contact customer service for questions about your booking. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service

  • Welcome to Netflix
  • if you have DVDs on your account press one
  1. Your call will be answered in about one minute.
  2. For faster service log into and find the six digit service code located at the bottom of any web page. Enter your service code now…
  3. if you do not have DVDs on your account press two,
  • For faster service log into and find the six digit service code located at the bottom of any webpage. Enter your service code now.


About Netflix

Netflix is an American entertainment company running since August 1997 (more than 20 years).

Netflix provides streaming media, video-on-demand online, and DVD by mail. Netflix expanded into film and television production as well as online distribution in 2013.

The headquarters of Netflix TV help is in 121 Albright Way, Los Gatos, California, United States.

How to Get Started with Netflix?

  • If you want to start watching Netflix, you should follow these easy steps:
  • Choose any one of the membership plan thats perfect for you.
  • Create an account on Netflix by entering one of your email address and creating a password.
  • Enter a payment method so that you don’t miss a single episode when your free trial ends.
  • Now start streaming and enjoy!


If you require Netflix customer service, please refer to or for appropriate Netflix contact information. Our Netflix help desk includes the following assistance through Netflix customer service email or on Netflix customer care phone number:

  • How to use Netflix?
  • Answers to billing
  • Account questions
  • How to recover your Netflix log in
  • Troubleshoot errors

For quick assistance, please call Netflix support number +1-855-273-5444 that is Netflix contact phone number.


Netflix provides first month totally free for new members. If you choose to remain a member of Netflix, you’ll be billed once per month on the date that you originally signed up. You can cancel your free trial anytime during your first 30 days and will be never charged. If you choose not to cancel, your account will not be charged until your free trial ends. Netflix will send you a reminder email three days in advance your free trial ends to ensure that you are still enjoying on Netflix. Anytime, you can get in touch with Netflix contact details such as calling on Netflix contact number or requesting on Netflix contact email to upgrade or change your plan from your account page. If you think Netflix isn’t for you, you always have the option to cancel your membership.

Netflix Phone Numbers

The main phone number of Netflix is 1855-273-5444 free number. Through this contact number, you can get in touch with the company’s customer service team at any time of the day to get assistance with any enquiries that you may have.

How to Find the Netflix Contact Phone Number

Netflix members and those who have general enquiries can find the Netflix customer service telephone numbers on their website at Scroll down to the bottom of the web page, then click on the Help Centre link and you will be taken to a different web page. Click on the box, and then type in ‘Netflix contact information’. Click on the search icon and numerous results will appear. Click on the first link, which is the Netflix Corporate Contact Information. You will then be directed to the web page where you will be able to get the Netflix contact number helpline that you are looking for. The web page will also provide you with some other useful information, such as other phone numbers that you can use if you are calling from different countries.

Netflix Customer Service Contact Number1855-273-5444 Free Numbernetflix customer service

Call the Netflix contact number helpline 1855-273-5444 free number if you would like to get in touch with a member of their customer service team. This is the phone number to call for any general questions or concerns that you may have with regard to the products or services that they offer. Through this phone number, you can also make an enquiry about your online TV and movie subscription.

Dial this Netflix customer service telephone number to ask any questions related to your Netflix US account and billing, and find out more about how to use Netflix, how to recover your Netflix log in, and various ways to troubleshoot Netflix errors. If you are not yet a member of Netflix and you are looking to sign up for the 1-month Netflix free trial, you can enquire and learn more on how it works by calling this contact phone number. One of their customer service representatives will be available to assist you with your questions and concerns at any time of the day, 7 days a week.

Get in touch with the customer service team via the Netflix app

Aside from calling the Netflix customer service telephone number and using their live chat to make an enquiry, there are other ways that you can do to get in contact with the company’s customer support team. You can call them for free through the Netflix app on Android or iOS. The app can be downloaded on the App Store if you have an iOS device. If you are using an Android phone or tablet, then you can get the app on Google Play. With the Netflix app installed on your device, you can call the Netflix customer service telephone number anywhere as long as there is an Internet or cellular connection.

The Netflix app is available on most iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models. Follow their set up steps on their web page to download the app on your iOS device. They also have their set up steps for Android phones and tablet devices. These pages will help you to learn more about Netflix features as well as how to set up and sign out of your Netflix account. If you are already a Netflix member, contact them by launching the Netflix app and signing in with your Netflix email and password. If you are an existing Netflix member, follow these steps once you are signed in to the app:

  • Select the Menu icon that is typically located on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and then choose Call Help Centre or Help.
  • Contact Netflix by choosing the Call Us icon.

If you are not a Netflix member yet, follow these steps after launching the app:

  • Select the Sign In or Help option, which typically can be found on the upper right corner of your screen.
  • If you are using an iOS device, select Call Help Centre.
  • Contact Netflix by selecting the Call Us icon.

Note that calling from the Netflix app by connecting to a Wi-Fi or data Internet connection is free of charge with no long distance costs. However, data rates to a cellular connection may apply, depending on your service provider.

netflix customer service numberNetflix Customer Service Number –24/7 Helpline No, Call Centre Phone No

Netflix Customer Service Number started its functions automatically after making a call. Customers were directly connected to a customer service representative. Customers can also dial 24/7 Netflix Customer Service Number, Call Centre Phone Number which are listed below for any feedback or complaints. A Netflix customer care executive was an English speaking candidate who will answered your questions with giving full satisfaction regarding the queries related to account setup and payment.

Netflix is a multinational provider of Internet media operating in over 48 million members. Netflix serves in more than 40 countries such as North and South America. Netflix was founded in 1997 and from that period of time, it has been providing digital media distribution service to its customers in a very effective way.

Netflix, Inc. is an American multinational company which provides Internet streaming media available to its customer’s on-demand. Netflix offers services in many countries, some of them are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Nordic countries (except Iceland) and Latin America.

Headquarter of Netflix was situated in Los Gatos, California, United States. Netflix came into existence in 1999 by serving users with its subscription-based service. Netflix has offered a group of 100,000 titles on DVD and had created a trust of 10 million subscribers.

In beginning of year 2007, Netflix has manufactured its billionth DVD. Netflix had around 23 million subscribers in the United States of America and 26 million numbers of users worldwide in year 2009. From that day of success, Netflix has surpassed an increase in number of subscribers every year. In ear 2014, Netflix has earned a revenue income of $945 million that is continuously increased in net operating income. Revenue of Netflix was rise upto 8% in year 2013.

Netflix Customer Service Phone Number

Netflix is a video-on-demand and streaming media platform. It is an American based entertainment company. It basically provides streaming media and video-on-demand online and DVD by mail. In 2013, Netflix expanded into film and television production as well as online distribution. It is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. It is founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997, based in Scotts Valley, California.

Netflix’s initial business model included DVD sales and rental, although Hastings jettisoned DVD sales about a year after Netflix’s founding to focus on the DVD rental by mail business. In 2007, Netflix expanded its business with the introduction of streaming media, while retaining the DVD and Blu-ray Disc rental service. The company expanded internationally, with streaming made available to Canada in 2010 and continued growing its streaming service from there; by January 2016, Netflix services operated in over 190 countries.

  • Cannot Connect to Netflix
  • Cannot reach
  • Netflix is Not Available
  • Unable to Connect to Netflix
  • Android Error: Connection Failed
  • Netflix App Crashing
  • Netflix 4K Problems
  • Netflix Movies Won’t Download
  • Netflix Connection Problems
  • Netflix Error 1011 & 1012
  • Netflix Error 12001
  • Netflix Error 1016
  • Reset Netflix Password
  • Netflix Apple TV Problems
  • Netflix PS4 Problems
  • Xbox One Netflix Problems
  • Netflix Black Screen Problems
  • Unable to update a password
  • Unable to update payment method

Netflix doesn’t have a technical support number. You can search for your problems or issues to their help forum and community sites. You can get an instant customer support by calling us at our customer service phone number USA +1-855-273-5444 for Netflix. A phone number system with less hold time in comparison to other phone numbers, call us now for live support from your computer.

Prompt Solutions by Efficient Netflix Customer ServiceNetflix Support Number

Netflix is a highly popular entertainment company which was introduced to the world in 1997. Started as a DVD rental service provider, later on with the inception of online streaming service in 2007, Netflix completely revolutionized the online streaming industry. Now its streaming services are operated in more than 190 countries around the world. However, such a remarkable service doesn’t make the users free from technical errors in their Netflix account. At one point or another, users face problem operating their Netflix account due to different reasons.

Users who are experiencing problems with their Netflix streaming services can contact the official Netflix customer care team via help center, live chat, telephone number, etc. However, for quick and instant support, users from USA and Canada can contact our qualified third-party Netflix customer service representatives easily through our 24/7 Netflix toll-free number 1-888-282-0666, email, and online chat.

Netflix Technical Problems & Ways to Contact Netflix Customer Support:

  • Some of the common Netflix technical issues faced by users are:
  • Problems with setting up Netflix services
  • Netflix streaming device issues
  • The trouble with a subscription
  • Failed login attempts because of unknown reason
  • Unable to activate Netflix
  • Unable to make changes to Netflix settings
  • Netflix server problems
  • Unable to reach Netflix customer service
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • Unable to play HD videos properly
  • Error while playing Netflix videos on mobile devices
  • Unable to reset Netflix account password
  • Too many users error
  • Netflix down
  • Netflix problems on Xbox

If you are facing any of the problems mentioned above and you want a smooth and uninterrupted Netflix services, you can contact official Netflix help center or call out third-party 24/7 Netflix customer service toll-free number for a suitable solution.

We, as a fervent third-party Netflix customer support provider, assure to provide a quick and apt solution for every problem faced by Netflix users. To make sure of that, we have accommodated a dedicated team of technical experts who are experienced and proficient in handling all Netflix related errors and issues.

Importance of our 24/7 Third Party Netflix Customer Support Number:

When you face a problem with your Netflix services, you usually expect to get a reliable and fast solution. However due to limited customer support options, getting a solution through official customer care can be quite a hectic and lengthy process. In such case, getting help from our 24*7 third-party Netflix customer service contact number can be a fast and simple process.

Having confidence in the abilities of our team, we claim to offer you effective Netflix customer support regardless of the complexity of the problem. Some of the issues fixed by our support team are as follows:

  • Unable to setup Netflix: If you are unable to set up Netflix, you can contact our customer service representatives for a quick setup.
  • Netflix subscription problems: Whether you are unable to subscribe to Netflix or you are having trouble with subscription renewal, you can rely on our qualified Netflix technical support.
  • Poor streaming quality: Different factors can cause the poor streaming quality problem such as slow internet speed, hardware issues, etc. But our skilled Netflix customer care professionals can instantly fix the problem and offer you enhanced (HD) streaming quality.
  • Netflix errors on mobile devices: If you are having a problem with Netflix on Android or Apple, we can offer you instant help without any hassle.

Netflix Support NumberNETFLIX CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER +1-855-273-5444

Calling on Netflix customer service phone number +1-855-273-5444 for any assistance is very simple. It’s also important what you do once you call, or what your other phone numbers are? First of all, we strongly recommend fill the query form call you back. Basically, we navigate your phone menu for you, wait on hold, and then call you when a representative of Netflix customer service can talk normally, it saves you more than 30% of your waiting time, so it’s fast and you do not need to listen to bad music.

Once, on the phone with Netflix’s customer service department, you may have to provide us information that identifies you as a customer, such as your full name (or account name), email address, phone number, or account Number. It is usually appropriate to gather this information before you make a call.


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Contact now with Netflix USA HeplineNetflix Support Number

The Nеtflix USA Customer Service will hеlр you with аnу enquiry уоu mау have fоr example with уоur Netflix Aссоunt or Nеtflix Mоviеѕ. Alѕо if уоu have any рrоblеmѕ with Netflix Series, you саn соntасt аt the fоllоwing Nеtflix USA Suрроrt phоnе numbеr.

Netflix is one of the largest streaming video providers in the world. They have become so big that they offer Netflix Original movies and television shows. Despite growing to such a size, Netflix USA maintains a great customer support department, If you are reading this though, you are probably wondering how to contact customer service.

For Netflix customer service you can visit the Netflix website, this link has a variety of helpful features for those looking for assistance. For those that need either customer service or support, this is the first place that Netflix recommends you go.

Netflix USA contact options

To contact Netflix USA directly you can call 1855-273-5444. This number will get you in touch with a Netflix customer service representative. From there they will determine if it is a problem that needs to be escalated or if it is one that can be handled by them. Netflix USA customer service team is well trained to handle a variety of user´s concerns.

On the above mentioned link, you can also receive chat based support. Near the bottom of the page on the right side is a chat support link. This link will take you to Netflix’s chat interface. There is also a wait time estimator located underneath the link to the chat client.

Should you have a question that you don’t want to ask a representative you can put your question into the help question search. Chances are that if you have a question about Netflix, someone else has had the same question.

Netflix used to support other contact methods but it no longer does. It has found that by increasing the amount of highly-trained staff that answer the phone and chat service, they are able to provide higher-quality, quicker support to their customer base. This ultimately proves better for you.

If you have a Netflix complaint or a general comment, you can contact Netflix at the same number, 1855-273-5444. It is a truly versatile support contact number that can meet all of your Netflix contact needs.

Contact Netflix Customer Support via Phone Call

As an existing Netflix subscriber, you can call Netflix customer service team directly through phone on 1855-273-5444. If you are not yet a subscriber on the platform and you are considering becoming a customer, you can call Netflix phone number at 1855-273-5444 to make your enquiries or ask your questions. The phone lines are open 24 hours every day so anytime you place a phone call to any of these numbers, a customer support official will be on hand to attend to you. Netflix has a team of well-trained and professional customer support officials who will make sure whatever problems you have are resolved as quickly as possible. You can also walk into the nearest support center where you will be attended to and availed with world-class customer care facilities.

Netflix Customer Service

Netflix TV Streaming

Looking for Netflix TV Streaming tech support? If yes, then RateInc. is an ideal place for you. Every video streamer knows what Netlix is to them, and they need an instant solution, if they face an issue with Netflix.

The all and all required at that time is Technical support for Netflix. Need Netflix support phone number? If you’re unable to reach official tech support due to any reason, then contacting Netflix third party tech support is an another option to solve your tech queries with a single call.

Our 24×7 Netflix Customer Support Number has got some of the brightest minds waiting for your call to solve just about any kind of Netflix tech issues easily and at the earliest. With our persistence as well as will, we can fix any Netflix related problem on our Netflix Customer Service Phone Number. If you too need assistance with the same, then we are just a call away on our Netflix Customer Care Contact Number given on the page.

We provide Netflix Technical Support such as:

  • Support for Activate Netflix on TV
  • Support for Activate Netflix on Roku
  • Support for Activate Netflix on Wi-Fi
  • Support for Netflix by Help Center
  • Support for connecting with Netflix Customer Service directly
  • Support for Connecting Smart TV, Bluray, Roku or Chromecast with Netflix
  • Support for Netflix not activating
  • Support for Netflix Set up
  • Support for Fixing Netflix on computer
  • Support for Netflix issues on Xbox
  • Get Support for Netflix on your TV

Netflix Support NumberNetflix Customer Service | Netflix Help

Netflix is one of the fastest growing on-demand streaming media, and it has subscribers from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, South America, Mexico, Netherlands, and other Nordic countries. With this ever-increasing numbers of the subscriber from all over the world, Netflix has decided to go to customer service number which gives better and faster service to the users as compared to slow serving emails.

Here is how you can contact Netflix customer service. Follow the following for Netflix Help.

How to Reach Netflix Customer Service?

Step 1: Netflix subscribers and those members who have mainstream queries can always visit the website to find the Netflix customer service phone numbers.

Step 2: You will be directed to the home page of Netflix, and at the bottom of the webpage, you will find “Help Center” menu there.

Step 3: Click on the link after which you will be redirected to a different webpage.

Step 4: Then, click on the search box and type “Netflix contact information”.

Step 5: Now click on the search icon to get several results. Just click on the first link which reads “Netflix Corporate Contact Information”.

You will now be directed to a new page which provides you the Netflix Contact number that you are searching. The page also contains various other useful information like other Netflix phone numbers that can be helpful to you if you are calling from a different country.

Technical Support for Netflix

Netflix is a leading On Demand video streaming service available in USA and Canada. Netflix surely is a one stop for Video Entertainment. Our Netflix Support Experts are available 24/7 to assist you with any tech problem related to Netflix. Our Netflix Tech Experts will assist you to setup , stream,and watch Netflix on any of your device. Get quick help and support to setup, stream, and watch Netflix on Computer, Smart TV, Bluray Player, Roku or Chromecast. With Netflix setup on your device you will be able to watch all the Exclusive Episodes and Videos for all greatest shows of all time.

We at isupportmart has round the clock live support for all Netflix related support requirements like

  • Configuration, Installation, setup of Netflix.
  • Diagnosing error messages.
  • Drivers/Software upgrades .
  • Figuring out software and device problem .
  • Maintenance issues.
  • Netflix support for Roku
  • Netflix support for tablet
  • Netflix Online Support
  • Netflix Wifi Support
  • Unexpected output redressals.

Our esteemed customers always have an option to visit manufacturer’s website: Efficiently fix all your computer/laptop conflicts in no time. Call our prompt tech support for Printer to resume your suspended work instantly and cost-effectively.

NetFlix Customer Support NumberNetflix Support Number

Netflix is a free, popular service and well-known for playing and watching movies and TV episodes on compatible devices anytime and anywhere with just the help of an active internet connection. Nowadays, Netflix is having its user base across the world and serving in more than 200 countries. Despite its rich functionality, users still have witnessed various technical issues in handling their Netflix accounts. If you face any problems, instantly contact the Netflix customer support phone number where your questionnaires and technical bugs will be resolved effectively by providing the optimum solution.

Common issues & Netflix customer service are follow:-

  • Netflix error codes 1011, 1012, 1016
  • Interrupted video streaming
  • Getting often pop-ups error
  • Unable to recover/reset password
  • Compatibility and connectivity errors
  • Unable to sign into the Netflix account
  • Audio and video isn’t being synchronized
  • Installation and account creation issues
  • Netflix Loads slowly & Poor Video Quality

If you’re facing any of the technical problems listed above with your service, just dial the Netflix customer service number for quick and efficient resolution of the issues. Several queries will be resolved by skilled professionals who are available 24/7 round the clock.



Netflix is an American entertainment company which provide biggest Internet streaming media for the entertainment of the users. It help the users to view video in ultra high definition and high definition. Users can enjoy the video on demand because a DVD provided to the users by mail. Netflix Technical Support offers the services in four categories for the convenience of the users. Users can pay according to the service they are using.
Sometimes users go the technical issues while they are using Netflix.every user don’t have the technical knowledge so they are not able to solve their problems. Netflix appointed a Netflix technical support team to solve the user queries. This team work day and night to overcome the problems and come up with unique solution.


While the users accessing the Netflix, they may face some technical glitches and not able to solve them. Netflix Technical Support team well qualified and certified expert who help in resolve the technical glitches. They are always provide a unique solution for user’s query. Users may face the following issues with Netflix:

  • How does Netflix application work.?
  • How to solve the network connectivity issue.?
  • How does Netflix charge my account?
  • How can you control how much of data Netflix uses?
  • How do profile work on my Netflix account?
  • How to troubleshooting network connection issues?
  • How to use free trial of netflix?


To use the Netflix you should have good internet connection. If you have network connection problem then you should restart your home network and connect your game console directly to your modem after this restore your ISP’s default settings and improve your Wi-Fi signal.


Netflix provide you monthly service and you will charge every month on the date you signed up. Your payment method will be charged at the starting of your billing cycle but it may reflect in your account after few days.
You can get information about the Netflix billing process, how to change your billing date, payment method,playback setting, how to delete or edit profile. You need to contact with Netflix customer service to know the information. Users can contact instantly to find the immediate solution of their issues. If your Netflix is not working then Immediate contact to Netflix customer service team. You can contact us via, emails, phone and remote support.


Netflix is an American entertainment company which was initiated in 1997, Netflix expanded into film making and television production. It specializes in streaming media and video on demand online. Netflix initial business was into DVD sales and rentals. It is recently that it started providing all movies and serials sequel online which is available for user by making an account and purchasing it .

  1. Use a free service such as Gmail to create a new email address. Write down the same password for your remembrance for making a free account on Netflix.
  2. Enter new Credit card information for every trial as only one credit card can be registered while one free account is created.
  3. Go to Netflix and select start your free month. Select your preferences and input with your new email address.
  4. If you want to setup Netflix select the device while signing up and follow the instruction.
  5. Make sure you cancel your Netflix trial before the end of the month click the account name in the top right select you account and then select Cancel streaming plan or Cancel DVD plan.
  6. Repeat the entire procedure if you want to try for another month. Here you just have to use different information which had been provided earlier as once registered you won’t be able to make an account again. If you have any problem while performing any step for your surety you can contact the Netflix tech support for instant help.

Netflix Support NumberNetflix Customer Care Phone Number, Toll-free Number and Helpline Number

Netflix is one of the top American media streaming companies. It was founded in 1997 and the company specializes in providing streaming media, DVD by mail, and video-on-demand online. As of 2018, Netflix had 110.58 million paying user around the world. The major user of Netflix is from the United States and the number is 54.75 million. They are regularly focusing on producing new content and secure the rights for additional content.
From this huge audience, the user may need Netflix customer care number or other contact details for resolving their issues. Here we are sharing Netflix customer care details including Netflix customer care phone number, customer care email id, customer care toll-free number or other contact details as well.

Netflix Customer Care Number : 1855-273-5444

You can call at Netflix customer care toll-free number to contact with Netflix support team to resolve any Netflix related issues.

Steps for contact Netflix Customer Care from Mobile App:

If you are a Netflix member, follow these steps once signed in to the app:

  1. Select the Menu icon () that is usually located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your screen and select Call Help Center or Help.
  3. Contact us by selecting the Call or Call Us icon.

If you are not a Netflix member, follow these steps after launching the app:

  1. Select Sign In or Help, usually located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. For iOS devices, select Help on Sign In screen.
  3. Contact us by selecting the Call or Call Us icon.


Netflix is the entertainment company that lets the users enjoy their favorite TV Shows, movies, etc. This is the American based company founded in 1997 and downloaded by a huge number of users across the world. Netflix also assists its customers by offering the toll-free, customer care numbers. Users can ask for the information, request services, and contact the Netflix executives for their purposes.


It has been consistently gaining a great deal of ground and accordingly, it would now be able to be seen in upwards of 190 nations around the globe. With such a charming accomplishment added to its repertoire, Netflix is genuinely an exemplification of diligent work meets insight. In its prior days, it was to a greater extent a lease a DVD sort of business which step by step transformed into a worldwide sensation in the gaming content industry. With its regularly expanding request among the clients of all age groups, Netflix has been an in thing for a long while. In any case, having said that, there also come many tech issues with it that must be settled with the assistance of a specialist like us who have apparently the ideal learning.


Netflix offers a great customer support for many problems. Users can call the Netflix Customer care numbers, Toll-free numbers to get the needed assistance from the organization. The Netflix Toll-free numbers work on 24/7 basis. Users can ask the queries regarding Support for Activate Netflix on Wi-Fi, setting up Support for Netflix for the first time, Support for Netflix if not connecting to Wi-Fi, Troubleshooting Browser related issues, Support for Netflix Activation Issues, Third party Independent for Netflix and various other issues. Go through the Netflix Customer support, technical support, services from this article. Also, check the Netflix Customer Care numbers and other useful stuff from here below.


  • Support for Activate Netflix on Wifi.
  • Setting up Support for Netflix for the first time.
  • Support for Netflix if not connecting to wifi.
  • Troubleshooting Browser-related issues.
  • Support for Netflix Activation Issues.
  • Third party Independent of Netflix.
  • Support for Netflix if Not Streaming.
  • Support for Activate Netflix on TV.
  • Support for Help for Netflix Activate.
  • Support for Activate Netflix on Roku.
  • Support for Netflix Activation Help.
  • Support for
  • Support for Netflix by Help Center.
  • Support for connecting with Netflix Customer Service directly.
  • Support for Connecting Smart TV, Bluray, Roku or Chromecast with Netflix.
  • Support for Netflix not activating.
  • Support for Netflix Set up.
  • Support for Fixing Netflix on the computer.
  • Support for Netflix issues on Xbox
  • Get Support for Netflix on your TV
  • Support for Netflix issues on ps3, Play station 4
  • Reset Netflix Account Password
  • Is Netflix Down
  • Reset Netflix
  • Fixed Too Many Users on Netflix
  • Support for Netflix Streaming devices issues.
  • Netflix error 12001 on Android Devices
  • Support For Netflix App Error 1016
  • Support for Netflix Error 1011 and 1012 on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Netflix Connection Problems?
  • Support for Netflix issues on Apple TV.
  • Sync Support for Netflix video and audio
  • Support for Netflix troubleshooting
  • Help & Support for Netflix
  • Support for Netflix issues on Roku
  • Any other Support for Netflix related issues.
  • Independent third party to resolve Netflix relates issues.
  • Support for Netflix on Video and Audio
  • Help with Netflix Not Streaming.
  • Independent Third-party Tech Support for Connecting Smart TV, Bluray, Roku or Chromecast with Netflix.
  • Troubleshooting Browser-related issues.
  • Support for Activate Netflix on Roku.
  • Support for Activate Netflix on Wifi.
  • Help for Netflix Set up.

Our Netflix Support & Service Includes :

  • Support for Netflix issues on Roku.
  • Setting up Netflix on
  • Support for Netflix issues
  • Any other Netflix related issues.
  • Report streaming problem
  • Update address
  • Update payment method
  • Support for Netflix troubleshooting
  • Cancel account

Netflix Canada Customer Service Phone NumberNetflix Support Number

Phone Number of Netflix Canada & USA is +1 855-273-5444.

The Netflix is the globe’s famous online TV network. There are above 44 million subscribers in over 40 different countries around the globe. The customers enjoy over 1,000,000,000 hours of television shows and movies every month. IT Works in above 40 countries and Canada is one of them. Netflix Canada & USA is an internet media network that furnish customers of Canada to watch the online movies, favorite shows, News and more anytime & anywhere in the Canada with the help of an internet connection. The company was emerged in the year 1997 by Scott Valley and almost 5,000 employees work hard to make available more and more online videos in the data base. The subscription cost is just $8 per month.

Services, Products and Benefits of Canada & USA

The Netflix Canada & USA furnishes wide range of products to the customers on various Netflix channels, users can watch their favorite serials, entertainment and lot of other services which TV provides us. Since the Netflix launched the app for Smart phones, now users can of Canada and around the Globe can watch their favorite shows on smartphones. The main Aim of the Netflix Canada & USA and Netflix Inc. is to furnish all the important information regarding what is happening in this world. Netflix want to expand it more and more to provide every possible information to every customer. Netflix Canada & USA provides Very quality service to the users, 0% glitches and no advertisement or any other disturbance. Customers can pause or record their favorite shows anytime.

Support Helpline Provides Netflix Support Phone Number

Netflix provides you countless free and paid TV episodes, movies, documentaries and shows channels. You don’t need to pay any monthly charge, it will charge you when you subscribe to standard services or rent/buy movies as per your desire. You can add or remove more and more channels from Netflix play store as well. If you are getting trouble in installation, unistallation or other complicated issues just give us a call, our expert technician of Netflix support will go through the existing issue and fix it out quickly. To get our services 24/7, you can contact us by our calling or email services. Whenever you required Netflix support customer services number, now call on toll free number – 1-855-273-5444. Support Helpline offered Netflix Support Services includes:

  • Solving Netflix channels related issues
  • Support when you are unable to connecting Netflix device.
  • Support when you are getting internet connection issues.
  • Support when you are unable to install required drivers.
  • Solving cable connection related issues.
  • Support when you are unable to connect Netflix device with router.
  • Solving firewall related issues.
  • Fixing the errors when you are unable to playing games.
  • Solving issues when you are unable to watch your favorite movies or TV shows.
  • Support when you are not a proficient user and getting unable to set-up pogo device properly
  • Solving no signal issues
  • Support when you are not getting HDMI source on your TV screen
  • Password related issues

Resolve issues by approaching Netflix Customer Service Phone Number

Known as one of the most emerging American entertainment company, Netflix provides biggest network streaming in high definition. With network connections, you can easily enjoy on-demand streaming video that can be viewed on all devices. Sometimes, streaming problems emerge in Netflix that can be prevented using various troubleshooting steps. If you are aware about its functioning, then it is good, but if you are a novice then contact at Netflix Customer Service Phone Number for complete details and solutions. Streaming error actually occurs if we are using an unblocked or proxy. Fix these common issues by calling at our toll free number *1-855-273-5444 that is available for 24*7 and 365 days in a one year to provide instant support. Definitely, you will get equivalent help from the representatives available at Netflix helpdesk. Just for seeking some additional information, connect with the representatives at Netflix Customer Service Telephone Number and take the necessary information.

Want to know how to troubleshoot errors with Netflix Customer Service?

Following are the Netflix related common errors that can bother you in your daily life:

  • Error codes 1011 and 1012 –It determines network connectivity mismatch and to eliminate this error just go to Settings and try a different network.
  • Netflix error messages 12001 – This indicates that data on the device is outdated.
  • Netflix issue 1016 – Due to the bad network connection, error occurs. To fix this message, restart the device and choose a different network.
  • Multiple users on Netflix – Issue arises with streaming of data packets.
  • Forget password – To retrieve the password, access the account and change it or either call at our toll free number.
  • PS4 Netflix Streaming error –To remove it make a new account to start streaming.
  • Black screen on PC – When antivirus gets outdated, screen goes black. In such cases, try to remove cookies from a web browser or change it.
  • To remove any of the above error, just give us a call to Netflix Customer Service and enjoy affordable services at your doorstep.

Netflix Support NumberCustomer Service Netflix – To get satisfactory results

As we all know technical hitches can occur anytime in the electronic devices. To avoid all such issues, just make an immediate call Customer Service Netflix to rectify complex issues. Here, you will be provided best resolutions with extra advantages. We take good care of users by providing them top-notched solutions during the troubling scenario. We use remote access technology to discover the crucial pitfalls and render best solutions within a short period. No need to worry for Netflix issues, our experts at Netflix Customer Service Phone Number US will help you dealing with multiple issues and get back to the mind soothing journey of using it and divert yourselves from the hectic era. Feel free to contact us anytime because we are available for 24 hours.

Microsoft Tech Support

Our Microsoft Windows Technical support division will provide remote support 24×7. You can get all your Microsoft Windows support at home while you relax. While we provide you Microsoft Windows tech support, our techies will be on the phone with you so you know each step of the process. Whether you need Microsoft Windows XP support or you require Microsoft Windows 7 support, our techies are available 24×7 to provide you with unlimited Microsoft Windows support.

As Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, we adhere to the most stringent standards of Microsoft. When you receive support from our Microsoft Windows support team you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality of Microsoft Windows Technical support. The Microsoft Windows support techies are put through a rigorous training program before they can provide Microsoft Windows support to our customers. When you call our Microsoft Windows technical support division, we guarantee you an outstanding experience every time. Call 1-855-273-54444 to speak with a Microsoft Windows support techie and put all your computer problems at ease.

Our Microsoft Tech Support Services Include

  • Install Microsoft Applications
  • Support for Microsoft Windows installations and upgrades
  • Support Microsoft Windows Update configuration
  • Support for Outlook issues
  • Support for Microsoft Office Applications

Netflix Customer Service | 1-855-273-5444

Entertainment lovers can exclusively depend upon the content of Netflix without any hesitation. This world-call service provider offers a wide list of engrossing media as well as run Netflix Help to provide instant help during unpredictable conditions.

Why Netflix Customer Service?

Customer Care staff of Netflix never let you remain confused regarding significant queries. Contrarily, it always remains ambitious to make subscribers great beneficiaries with enthralling media content. In addition, its executives never let people remain option less when some kinds of blues make it difficult to live the expectations. Trained technicians immediately implement the best possible solutions so that you can overcome the difficult situation at the earliest time possible. Professional assistance of this world-class helpline has earned big accolades across the world therefore you can confidently rely upon its proficiency without any doubt.

Approach to consider its professionalism and business standards always proves the best activity as it solves all kinds of snags on instantaneous basis. Besides, it is nearly impossible to witness the similar assistance with others. Above given words in tandem with detailed reports confirm not to go for alternate solutions. This step might land in a highly problematic situation to compromise on various terms whereas timely call to Netflix Customer Service helps wonderfully on almost every term.

Netflix Customer ServiceNetflix Support

Netflix customer service. Get in touch with Netflix’s customer service department through the following phone numbers, social media, live chat and contact form. For more information on movies, TV shows, accounts, membership and billing, call the numbers listed below.

How To Contact Netflix

  • Welcome to Netflix.
  • If you have any DVDs on your account, please press one. Your call will be answered in about one minute.
  • In order to receive faster service, log into and locate the six digit service code located at the bottom of any web page.
  • Please enter your service code now.
  • If you do not currently have DVDs on your account, press two.
  • In order to receive faster service, log into and locate the six digit service code located at the bottom of any web page.
  • Please enter your service code now.

Netflix Customer Service & Contact Details – Getting in Touch

Any business involves a great deal of investment. While growth and expansion may incur colossal costs, an excellent customer service will help soothe the financial wounds by boosting sales. Moreover, a superlative before and after sales service aids in trust-building while creating brand awareness and attracting new customers. And a happy customer, almost always, translates into a loyal one!

In the online streaming microcosm, Netflix still rides the herd. But what do you think has gotten Netflix this far? Of course, their content is the main deal, but there something intangible behind it.

Netflix Customer Service & Support

Aside from a wider reach, an even wider content catalog, and a truly ad-free experience, Netflix’s customer service is impeccable. I’ve been a happy subscriber for a few years now. Although I’ve barely had the need to get in touch with them, the customer service executives were quite adept at resolving my issues.

Unlike cable TV subscription where customers are bound to a contract, subscription-based services allow users to cancel the subscription with just a click of a button. If you’re unhappy, you can discontinue them and switch to a new service almost instantaneously; Netflix understands this. That’s why Netflix cost is quite flexible.