800 Number for Delldell contact number

How to call Dell: use the toll free numbers below to contact customer service. Get computer support. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Technical Support / Customer Care

  • Welcome to Dell, giving you the power to do more, your call maybe recorded for quality assurance and training purposes
  • if you know the 7-Digit extension please say or enter it now
  • or you can use a short phrase to describe what you’re calling about, for example you can say things like “buy a desktop computer for my home”, or “my computer is frozen” now tell me what you’re calling about.

Order Status

  • Welcome to Dell, giving you the power to do more, your call maybe recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.
  • If you know the 7-Digit extension please say or enter it now, or you can use a short phrase to describe what you’re calling about.
  • For example you can say things like “buy a desktop computer for my home”, or “my computer is frozen”, now tell me what you’re calling about

Dell Preferred Account / Dell Financial Services

  • Welcome to Dell Financial Services, your call maybe recorded
  • if you know your 7-digit extension, please say dial an extension
  • otherwise you can say billing, order status, sales, or technical support
  • if you need help just say help.

dell customer service numberDell Support Number

Dell customer support – true helping hands for Dell consumers!
The company Dell was established in 1984 in America. The founder of Dell Inc. was Michel Dell who is now the CEO of Dell technology corporation. With the effort of Michel Dell and the team now the Dell Inc. is one of the top leading company in the world. Its manufacture, develop, sell and repair the electronics products. Well, this journey was not so easy to be a top leading electronics company in the world from a small budget startup, but they did it. The Dell Corporation never compromise with its product quality because they value their consumers. Although Dell gives its own best to make their product of high quality yet Dell products are not acceptation. Often the Dell users face some snags, therefore, Dell customer care number is here to fix the issues. You can dial this toll-free number which is all time available for its users. Whether you face trouble with Dell laptop, Dell computer or Dell printer whatever the product shows error you can find a complete solution for your errors via customer care executives.

Flaws of Dell products:-

Do you want to fix the hiccups of Dell and its products? You can simply reach to the techies who are proficient for solving the Dell product problems. You should ring Dell customer service number which is accessible round the clock for resolving the snags. Now you can have a look at the issues that appear with Dell products.

Hiccups with Dell laptop:-

  • The Dell laptop has a freezing
  • Unable to resolve the Dell laptop not charging trouble.
  • The Laptop screen is blinking.
  • How to fix Dell laptop screen resolution error?
  • Have trouble due to laptop flip-up error.
  • The laptop is not getting charged.
  • How to fix the laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi?
  • Dell laptop is running too slowly.
  • How to fix the Dell laptop freezing error?

Hiccups with Dell printer:-

  • The printer is not turning on.
  • Dell printer has a connectivity
  • How to replace old ink toner.
  • Not able to clean the print head.
  • The printer is printing poor quality of papers.
  • Not able to install the Dell printer driver.
  • How to configure Dell printer with windows 10.
  • Unable to rectify the Dell printer paper jam issue.
  • How to turn on the print spooler service?
  • Print spooler of Dell printer is not working.
  • Dell printer is not working with Windows 10

Hiccups with Dell computer:-

  • How to fix Dell computer startup problem.
  • The computer hanging error.
  • Not able to fix the BIOS problem.
  • Unable to resolve the Dell computer turn on error.
  • Dell computer is not booting, what to do?
  • The computer has overheating trouble.
  • How to install Windows on Dell computer?
  • Wi-Fi is not connecting to Dell computer.
  • Trouble occurs due to virus infection in your Dell computer.
  • Error appear while software installation.

As you have seen above there are plenty of issues that appear with Dell products. And when you’re in trouble then you will surely look for expert’s help in order to troubleshoot the Dell related products. You can ring the Dell customer support number anytime from anywhere to fix the hiccups. The proficient team if customer support will resolve your problem as soon as possible in a well-organized manner.

Reach to Dell customer support experts to get help!dell customer service number

Yes! When you’re facing glitches while using your Dell laptop, or printer and unable to fix it. Then you should try to rectify the snags via the help of dexterous techies. You can simply dial the number which is all time available for resolving the hiccups of Dell products i.e. Dell helpline number. You will find the instant response to your call anytime when you need assistance.

Key-features of Dell customer support:-

  • Customer care service is 356x24x7 available.
  • Instant response to its customer call.
  • A toll-free number has been provided for all users.
  • Your call will be answered by highly qualified techies.
  • Complete solution of your Dell product hitches.
  • Your issues will be fixed by as soon as possible.
  • You can directly interact with executives via live chat support & calls.

How can I fix the BSOD on Dell computer?

  • The BSOD error is also known as blue screen of death error. If your computer screen is blank or has an error then you can try these given issues.
  • Turn off your Dell computer for 5 minutes.
  • Then you should press the F8 to reboot your device.
  • Now you can turn your laptop into safe mode to fix the error.
  • At the last, you should contact customer care executives.

My Printer is printing smear on paper, how to fix it?

  • Do you have to fix the smears problem of your Dell printer? Then you should simply try the given steps one by one.
  • First off all you should check the power supply of your printer is sufficient or not.
  • If your print fuser is faulty then replace it.
  • Always use the best paper quality.

My Dell laptop is running slowly, what to do?

  • If you’ve trouble because your Dell laptop is working slowly, follow the instructions those are given below.
  • Open the antivirus & run in to scan your device.
  • Remove the virus and threats from your laptop.
  • Update the drivers of your device.
  • Then make sure the laptop has started to perform well.

My laptop is not getting charged, please help me.

When you’ve laptop charging issue or you find that your Dell laptop is not turning on. You should check the power adapter of your laptop is working or not. Well, go
through the steps given here.

  • Plug the power adapter into the power outlet.
  • Then check the LED light of power adaptor & laptop is on or not.
  • If not replace the power adaptor.
  • Now plug the power cable and charge your laptop.

dell customer service phone numberDell Essential Customer Support and Support Phone Numbers

Dell is popular Computer company and Dell is a international company it’s headquarter was located in Round Rock, Texas, United States. The Dell company provides many developments, selling products and good customer support for their products and services. Dell was founded in the year of 1984 by Michael S. Dell

Dell company is private American based multinational company and Dell products selling all over the world and providing good customer support phone number and technical support phone number for their customers to clarify their questions and queries.

Dell Technical Support and Customer Care Phone Number: 1-855-273-5444

Above mentioned number is Dell technical support phone number and this number is also for Dell customer care phone number. If you are the customer of Dell and if you have any technical issue or need support just make a call to this number to get assistance.

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When your call was connected and then automated system will responses you as, welcome to Dell, and then you will get some recorded message giving you the power to do more, and then you will get alert notification as your call maybe recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

  • If you have the 7 digit extension number please say it now or enter it now Or you need to tell what purpose you makes call a short phrase to describe what you’re calling about, for example you can say things like “buy a desktop computer for my home”, or “my computer is frozen” now tell me what you’re calling about. This is for only example you can say what you are looking for.

Dell Printer Support Toll Free 1-855-273-5444 Number

In the printer market Dell printers are the most reliable printers. They are well-known across the world because of their brilliant print quality. Today, use of these printers is increasing rapidly because of the excellent features provided by them. The most adorable feature is that it provides proper and clean printing pages. Certain times there are few drawbacks in the printers which prevent the printing process. Some problems are simple and could be tackled easily but there are few such problems which could be solved only with the help of experts. You can always seek help from Dell printer support team where they will provide solutions for all the problems that you face while printing from the Dell printers. You get the most suitable measures to solve the problem by our technicians. They provide the quick and easy way to handle any issue that also within a stipulated time.

Some common issues in the Dell printers:

Installation of Dell software: Installation process of Dell software is sometimes a challenge for a normal user. It involves few such steps that are easily interpretable by technicians. In that scenario, installation of software is not at all easy and must be performed by experienced technicians. Only when driver app is installed perfectly, you can start the printing process easily. So, you should immediately dial Dell printer contact number for availing help from experts who would guide you through the process and ultimately help in starting the printing process.

Problem in Configuration: Configuring the printer properly is the vital step in the setup of the printer. If you are not able to configure a printer or you are configuring it in a bad manner, then you won’t get high quality printed pages from it. You can contact Dell printer support team who would help you in the process of configuration of the printer. Only when the printer is configured perfectly in the desired way, then only you will get well organized printed pages.dell customer service phone number

Error messages and error codes: Suppose the Dell printer is installed properly and configured as desired then it starts performing tasks in proper way but sometimes it may display lots of error codes and messages which causes hindrance in the working of the printer. Usually these problems are related to the problem in network. Such problems could be solved easily but there are few issues where you can’t understand the cause itself. In that situation you can solve it with help of experts by dialing Dell printer helpline number. When you contact them, the experts present there find out the cause, then provide the proper solution for the problem.

Poor print quality: There are many issues that are associated with this problem. This problem may occur due to bad placement of ink cartridges, paper jam, configuration of the printer, problem in printer driver and so on. If printer is not printing with brilliant quality, then there is no use of such printer. Whenever you come across such issue, you should contact Dell printer support team who would provide you the best measures to solve it. That means you can consult the Dell printer technical help team for resolving the reason which is causing the problem in the quality of the print.

Slow printing process: Often, you find that the printer is printing very slowly. This may happen because the speed of the printer is not set properly in the settings of the printer. So, you have to ensure that you set proper settings before printing from it. If you need any help for making the changes then you can contact Dell printer customer service Sometimes, this problem arises due to hardware related issues so you have to ensure that you settle your printer time to time for preventing the printer from working slowly. You can also check the printer driver regularly because printing process slows because of the problem in the printer driver.

Updating the printer driver: It is essential that you regularly update the Dell printer driver so that it function without any trouble. Time to time different versions of printer driver is updated according to various operating system. So, if you don’t update the driver on time then there is a possibility that you face number of problems in the printing process and sometimes the printing comes to halt.